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  1. The hole in the factory barrel is a .077 Pre-drill with a 1/16th inch bit then redrill with a #48 drill bit. #48 is a .076 that's fine. Been there and done that. It'll work with no problems.
  2. I'll give you Kudos for that. I kinda like it. Have fun at the range with the gawkers.
  3. I don't see how adding that much plastic to look like a p90 can lighten it up. I never truely cared for that look either, but that's an opinion. If I was to bullpup a 10/22 I'd hunt down a Dixie Consolidated kit.
  4. I never got into the Bengal colors, but the pattern is one I haven't done. Looks good, your buddy did a nice job. That SKS looks tits done up like that. Idea Hmmmm
  5. I like it. I'm gonna keep that set in mind for future expenditures. LOL
  6. LOL. The sickness, it sets in deep and fast. You don't even know it till it's bone deep and to late. I got a 223 project going now that's..... Well I can't call it a money pit, but it's working out to be an expensive, twisted, totally one off piece. When it comes to standard, straight up converstions...... I got off that boat long ago. You score good on the Saiga. Enjoy and Godspeed.
  7. Tits and beer man. that's nothing short of fuck'n cool.
  8. Show up... I'll supply the tools, you do the work. I'll tell you what and where, watch and jump in as needed. Bring your parts and a case of beer.
  9. I cant find 223 for less then 50 cents a round in these parts. I'm hitting up private sales. 100 Rds of PMC 55gr FMJ for $35 is the best score of the day.
  10. Here's the site to answer all your SKS questions. If I'm right it was 64-65 they went from blades to spikes Cant date anything without the serial #
  11. That patch is ww2 only After the war the units became Panzergrenadier (Mechanized infantry) Units. I learned some cool things digging through weird sites. Most notable was the pride European axis soldiers had to thier home countries and loyalty to thier units even more. Granted, I'm still loyal to the 10th MTN unit I was in, even after 20+ years. But some units when reassigned or mixed, refused to change the colors of thier patchs and/or their patches at all, to thier new unit's. Honor, esprit and comradeship. I found it listed as WW2. I cant find anything like it after early-
  12. Jpanzer, Thank you. The patch is a match for the "Jägertruppe - Mountain Troops". The patches were hand embroidered so the slight differences were noted. After hours of searching German shit back to never never land...It's not German. So I searched for Jägertruppe units. From there I spent hours bouncing, with many obscure websites that need google translator. I found that Austria had 2 Mountian units that fielded mix German and Austrian equipment. I can say I'm 99.9% positive this smock is an WW2 Austrian mountian anorak.
  13. I've been leaning towards German in the quest lately. I guess I haven't gone back far enough. The newer pull over German smocks are close, but all have draw string closures at the neck/chest area. That patch you posted is damn near spot on. On the one you posted the little nut at the bottom is red, the patch on the smock I have, the nut is green. Thanks for getting me close. Keep them coming till I hit it.
  14. OK guys I need help. I scored some uniform tops today. Cool shit, new style Czech, older style Czech, Zaire, Indonesian commando...... This one I cant ID; Heavy cotton material, Khaki in color, brown buttons, hood and waist draw strings, pullover The markings on this are sewn inside on the waist pockets; One side has the size tag ( 44 ) and the other is missing, ofcourse. The only other markings are the shoulder patch; Sewn on the upper right arm. The material, style and color scream Russian to me. But the shoulder patch leans Finnish or something. So.... Dig out
  15. Thier in the racks at shops and stores around here. $429 - $449 is the listing prices from the retailers.
  16. You got a nice carbine. I got a friend that collects Krag rifles.. You got a $400 standard gun there.
  17. To feed my addiction. To add to the collection. I didn't need it, I wanted it. Because I got boried and needed a project. I've never seen anyhing like it. 21st of December is coming quick. Conversation starter, do you know anyone that owns one? Now you do. When i go postal........................ Most of the people that know me, even on construction sites, don't ask me that anymore. It's well accepted that I'm missing a few screws and my brain's wiring has acouple shorts in it. Most of the time it's; That's cool, you did that? and/or How did you do that?
  18. to me it looks like a 3 color. T1 black, T5 & T16 gray, with a digi patern
  19. If you look through the vendor's on this site. You can get yourself a conversion kit and go from there. Any way you go....Your in the $200 range for the parts, then it's time and labor on yourself.
  20. Yup been there. the 100 rd Chinese do it more so than the 75's. The only drums I have never had any problems with are the Romanian 75 rd thumb lever loaders. I've never had one jam, stick, hang up, break, fall apart or any problems. I'll stick with the hassel and time of loading them for the reliable fuction. Function over form.
  21. I'll tell you right now Chevy, DuraCoat is tits. I've shot more camo jobs than i can remember. BUT....... The most out standing thing I do remember....... On Nailbomb's 12....... Digi on rails fucken sucks to paint. Take your time, dont rush things, if it takes days to do, let it.
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