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  1. OK Semper, you get a A+1 for finding that gem. Priceless! Squishy....... Gotta award the same A+1. Laughed my balls off......
  2. I picked up my Romanian SKS for around $400.... That said.... It was a tits up mint 1957 with all matching numbers. I needed it for my collection of SKS's and I already had the correct Romanian SKS leather slings. LOL it was one of those being at the right place at the right time thing. Because I scored a mint 1969 Albanian SKS with matching numbers and a ammo can of 7.62 Nato. Package deal for $800
  3. I like the idea. The looks are cool. I gotta give you an A+
  4. GSAD MANH. BEA. CA = Golden State Arms Manhattan Beach California. Early through mid 80's importer of military arms. The plastic Norinco's were imported through them so it might a legit RED spiker. They did a lot of AK's and were known for sportsterizing the French Mas 36 rifles and early HK imports. Clayco was still before them. From the pics someone swapped the upper handguard if is legit and the going rate on a RED is Between $1100 - $1700. I've seen clean in the box one's go for more.... With out the spike bayonet.
  5. Well, I got my paperwork for the new plan offered at work on Friday. Things have to change because Obama requires all insurances to cover dental now.... WTF Over???? Single plan for me went up, $480 a month with a............... wait for it........................ $2100.00 deductible and copay prescriptions are from $20 - $40 - $60
  6. Wow, that was something. Since your on liveleak and looking at goats........ search afghan gangbanging goat .
  7. I scored a nice OTV vest off of E gay not to long ago.
  8. Out of 9 used Galil mags for my 223, I have issues with only 1 that does not run 100%. This is without modding the mags, just installing a guide.
  9. Not bad. Personally I never cared for the armscor 22 ammo. I do own a old pre ban M1600 with both full wood and collapsible stocks, haven't played with that in years.
  10. I built this from a flat and a mint Rommy kit just for hunting. AK's make great brush guns.
  11. I'm all in for the month. Shaved last night and i'll do it again in December.
  12. Well, let's see... Today was opening day of bow season here locally. Last weekend I went and set up a ladder stand on the family property after doing yard work all day for my 80+ year old parents. I musta been tired when I did it because when I got up in there tonight.... Placement sucked balls. So I climbed down and did a quickie move, 10 feet over and it was great sight. i sat there till about 20 after 6 and I see a deer running up the hay field towards me. It stopped at the big willow tree(big doesn't do it justice), where a natural spring feeds into the field and stood there looking back a
  13. I scored a NORTH AMERICAN RESCUE - NARP CASEVAC Litter bag at a surplus store for $25 that I have packed for my BOB. New the bag cost close to $400 alone. http://narescue.com/portal.aspx?CN=AA580649A981
  14. You got me on this one, can't add any info. I know they made them, and I've seen a conversion kit to make one also. Personally I've never seen the rifle. A+ on the cool find. I gotta ask the price?
  15. I do construction work for a living. There are jobs that employ over watch cameras that see everything and are becoming more common place in use. Last job site I was on had one linked up to the big wigs office. Even had a job site that you could get online and view, review, replay, zoom in, save still pictures from months back to present minute. Except the days the company screwed up..... Some reason that time frame was deleted. When I work at most of the nuclear plants, where I work in them, always cameras, always manned. Wearing a head set that they can contact you on also. For safety rea
  16. E-bay. Complete trigger assemblies for sale.
  17. This about covers it. Enjoyed every minute of it. LOL I always thought it was a little stupid to jump from a perfectly good airplane that is gonna land in ten minutes.
  18. Spring type to replace the leather tabs that rotten in wet conditions. Nice model D carbine.
  19. I got Katadyn Hiker Pro, with extra carbon and elements it was around $100. Anything from them is reliable and worth the price. Depends on what you need it for, the more output you need the price goes up.
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