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  1. The SAR Series rifles were in my opinion a nice grade of AK. The furniture was solid wood with most being beautiful. This is from a guy that remembers when they hit the market and were considered the bottom of the barrel in the venue of AK's. Then the WASR's hit. LOL
  2. I watched a show on that kid. I work at nuclear plants, so I have an understanding of the dangers. His ideas are good and I do like them. Time will tell if someone buys his idea and builds. Side note on fuel..... Reagan laid the ground work Bush to complete the first Strategic Arms Reduc­tion Treaty with Russia. Part of that deal was the US buys a percentage of their down graded weapons fuel for our nuclear reactors.
  3. LOL ...... The only job I was ever fired from was corrections officer. Straight from the ARMY full of discipline, into the job with a bunch of little county lock up rats that thought they were all bad ass. I made it 6 months before I lost my cool in a cell block..... Last day I worked...... Hated it. PS.... This country needs to go back to a penal system. Corrections don't work.
  4. Is it just me or ill fitting that they unveiled this warship on the 68th Anniversary of Hiroshima bombing???? Happy "Enola Gay" day everyone. The little boy blew......
  5. OK gentlemen, I got some mags to sell; First up is 2 sets, 4 E. Germans and 3 Romanians in their respected pouches. Germans are very nice condition and the Rommys are surplus. Asking $100 a set shipped. Postal Money Orders Only. CONUS Only. Where allowed. You guys know the deal. You guys know the rules. Set #1; Set #2; The 3rd set for sale - Chinese flat backs in very good condition. In a surplus Chinese chest rig complete with oil bottle and cleaning kit. Asking $60 shipped. Same rules and payment above apply. All the mags function, just trying to move some of the
  6. ^^^^^ I'm gonna leave this alone. The list is to long to explain reasoning. If you don't understand, you never will.
  7. I always wanted to get a stack of these; This one is a PackRat by WeatherGuard, other companies make them also. Their made for the bed of a pick-up truck.
  8. Well, a few months ago now, I received a kitty from a friend to keep mine from being lonely. Cats are like potato chips, you can't have just one. All in all, she was knocked up. LOL So instead of just one cat, it became 3. Little adventurers fur balls, nothing is off limits to them. This one seems to have found a new hangout spot, had to share;
  9. I gotta agree with the current posts. I have a Condor plate carrier, some airsoft pouches and E-bay has been kind to me lately. I started with some cheap crap and moved up, upgraded as I found necessary. My TRUE rig is a Russian GRAD-2 chest rig with added US and airsoft pouches mixed in. If it works for you, makes you happy.... can't bitch.
  10. I reject your reality, and substitute my own. I'm tired of woodland ...... In my twisted mind, I was thinking more of CADPAT OD Green, CADPAT LT Green, Gray and Black. Urban rubble/ urban camo, splinter. Woodland colors acceptable----- German Flecktarn colors.
  11. I'm liking it. We need to talk colors/patterns. I've been hunting Cadian Camo, and I have to admit there are some great ideas to work off of. Right now....... No Mars, wastelands, desert or snow. Urbans and woodlands we can play with.
  12. I sold my safe queen Legend underfolder for $1800 about 5 years ago. It to was NIB, everything including the rifle was still in plastic.
  13. I always like steel plates. The cast manhole covers are fun if you can find them. For cheap reactive targets I enjoy shooting the Huggie Juice Barrels; A case cost a couple bucks
  14. All we have of freedom All we use or know This our fathers bought for us Long and long ago.
  15. I guess I've never had a need for a range buggy. I believe in range buddies. Conscripting friends to carry the burden in exchange for trigger time.
  16. Well Gary, can't help you out on the accuracy issue. But the idea is unique, and for that reason I like the thought.
  17. I like it.... kinda has that AR-18 look
  18. LOL I am not surprised at all.... One of my good friend's wife was Mrs NY for a while..... The BS she spued from her mouth, to the fake blonde hair. She was no angel, a few of us would go over to their place for the Friday night fights they had. I called her out on her FB page about it..... Hmmmm she blocked me.
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