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  1. Thanks guys, I'm not exactly a traditionalist. Somethings stay as is, somethings get a makeover. Why own something common that they made 1000's of that all look the same?
  2. I'm sure there's a few things you haven't seen yet.
  3. I scored this last fall. It's not an AK, but a distant relative. Daewoo K2, the box has been kicked around, but the rifle is MINT. It came with the original sling, two 30 rd mags, muzzle cover, cleaning kit and bayonet. A new with sticker, Imperial Defense 30 rd mag, and a 40 rd mag from Precision Industries. Plus 420 rounds of Israel Industries M193. It was NIB when I got it, still had factory grease in it. I should have keep it as a safe queen. After years of carrying an M16A2, I hate AR's, almost any gas opp. rifle, I had to let the Woo rock.
  4. As it says, Other AK Rifles Discussion of all other AK rifles! Show off your Maadi So Here's my Maadi's; An MISR and RPM It's not an AK, but it is Egyptian. Nailbomb with some trigger time on my Rashid;
  5. Nailbomb says I should post some pics. So here's my PSL; I can't be normal, PSL's all look the same so; Awhile back I hit the company check pool for some big money, I blew the check pool money I won on a PSL, I can't leave things alone. The stock was for an AK, but with some epoxy and Dremel work, she fits nice. Added the detachable rail bipod on the receiver, used part of a AR hand guard rail to keep the profile lower, bolted on. Folded it back like the Russians, I can still do a mag change with no problem and it doesn't interfere with the trigger or grip. I made the cheek rest fro
  6. When I get bored around here, strange things happen. Firearms; Motorcycles, Or Way Out There; Kawasaki 650 in a John Deer So I gotta ask what do you guys get into when you feel the itch?
  7. Reverend, I love the Grad. The Lifchik, M-22's and M-32's aren't bad, but I didn't want lightweight. I CAN'T start collecting vests. Rifles, Mags, Pouches, Slings, Bayonets, Parts and Ammo are acouple annual salaries. As for the Star GP30, yeah it's an airsoft. But what the hell, I got a deal on it. I got 60 shot rounds for it in the Vog pouch. Scares the crap out of squirrels. 60 pellets all at once, they don't know which way to run. It's there for show and tell, doesn't interfere with function and it's 98% metal. LOL Forgot, The Mutt has a Polish left side selector also;
  8. Most soldiers were issued Mag pouches. Same as US troops, LBV were just starting use in the late '80's.
  9. Nailbomb bugged me enough, so here's my 3 AK rigs. Typical Chinese. Only holds 3- 30 Rds, so 5 mag pouch and 75 Rd drum. Preban Norinco Type 56S, Arsenal /66\ with matching Bakelite mag. 6 Mag. Rig. I made it up, works well, serves it purpose. Mutt Rifle I built from a Rommy G kit. Stock I made, welded up tubing. Rommy PG, Russian Bakelite Mag, Polish LHG, Bulgy UHG, U.S. GB/FS, Fake can on the front. Russian Grad-2, VOG-25 pouch and belt, The rest is a mix of U.S. gear and aftermarket. Holds 8 Mags and a shit pot more. Single point sling hook up. The rifle is a Bulgy Clone
  10. You know it probably is a good price. Today's market, in excellent shape, what about mags? I'd try to knock it down for lack of the factory bipod. JMO. I just remember when they were $300 NIB and no one wanted them because of the thumbhole stocks. I also remember when you could buy 30 Rd Chinese mags new in the plastic for $4 each/ 3 for $10, 75 Rd drums for $35 and 1000 Rds Golden Tiger 7.62x39 for $68 shipped.
  11. I own an NHM-91, it's a nice weapon. Long barrel with the factory bipod, straight back stamped receiver. i haven't found any problems with it taking mags or drums of any origin. What it does lack is a side rail scope mount. I cant bring my self to rivet one on. For long barrels I enjoy shooting my Maddi RPM, weight is the same, just as accurate, alittle uglier than the NHM-91, but it shoots just that bit nicer.
  12. Nailbomb just bought my old AK vest when he got his other 9 mags back. He said something along the lines of "How's this gonna fit over my body armor?" As for me, I made this rig. I wanted an open top, six mag harness, velcro pouch both sides. Tight and flat to the body. Mags Down! True time? I'm old school. An AK deserves a real rig. Grad-2, VOG-25 pouch, dump pouch, more pouches blaa blaa blaa, right down to the hydration on the back. Mags up in this one.
  13. Nailbomb, I painted the wind chimes. If you want you can wander over and pick them up, I'll be out of town. You'll have to put the springs and followers in.
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