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  1. GOT YOU COVERED.... http://www.thingsyouneverknew.com/?code=msnjs&WT.srch=1&CAPCID=51793818&CA_6C15C=1510658529
  2. I don't see any visible edge that caught, Look like an FO got in there and ate it up. Top cover pics? Inside and leading edge. Other than that... deass the dust cover piece and run it.
  3. I'll go with the ideas thrown out here also. I won't let it be a day glow paint scheme. BUT......... DuraCoat does however have a spray on phosphorescent top coat that glows in the dark.
  4. LOL I love the subject of man toys. I myself have no need for a lawnmower. I grew up cutting 7 acres of open lawn on a 10 HP Snapper with a 36" cutting deck. When I went into the Army after high school, the first thing my old man did was buy a new mower. He lost his free labor, cut into his motorcycle riding time, so I can't blame him. He still sports his Toro Z-master Professional 5000. 725 cc V-twin motor with a 72" cutting deck. Years and hours of service on it, still going strong. As for me.... I learned, lawns suck, I bought a house in the woods. No lawn, but I can't throw a rock without
  5. For my AK's I have Russian GRAD-2 vest that I wear over a point blank vest. I have chest rigs for everything.... Daewoo, Galil to FAL. Names and models allude me at the moment.
  6. other than keep shooting....... but still @ $150 for a bayonet
  7. I've been pulling 12 hour night shifts for weeks now. The GF wanted to go fishing this past Sunday.... So after a quick nap... We went out. I was so out of it, I was bitching there was something wrong with my pole...... IT WAS A FISH!!!!!!! After that I sat down on the dock.... Laid down on the dock...... GF wakes me up 3 hours later to tell me how many people went by in boats laughing at me snoring. Had enough of this outage.
  8. Most all I own is boots. The Belleville boots are comfy for work. Red wings for the winter outside work. The loggers and 60's vintage mountain issue are the normal wear. The Czech leg boots are tanks!!! In my locker at the nuke plant right now is a pair of Rothco steel toe jungles that are holding up fine... but I wouldn't buy another pair.
  9. OK guys..... I'm throwing this out here to see if anyone has and/or willing to part with a Challenge coin I'm hunting for. I'm trying to rebuild the coins I had "pre-divorce"...... They kinda went poof and disappeared. The one I'm looking for is rare...... There is another one also that seems to be extinct. The One I REALLY REALLY REALLY WANT; JUNGLE OPERATIONS TRAINING CENTER, FT SHERMAN, PANAMA The extinct one I'll post, but not expecting anything on is; 50th Armor ARG, the "Jersey Blues" That's the unit patch and the coins were about the same. Anyone that might have
  10. Currently.... Finished building my bug out bag. I scored a Warrior Aid and Litter Kit (Bag Only) by North American Rescue for $25...... It's a bag of all bags... Fits over the body armor and GRAD-2 rig I'm running nicely.
  11. I received my first Daisy Model 105B went I turned 8 in 1975.... NIB When I turned 10 in 1977 my father bought me a used Whinchester Model 77 semi 22lr..... Manufactured from 1955 - 1963 I still own both.
  12. My house came pre-equipped with one. 18' x 26' with an 8' ceiling concrete bunker. Shit pipe is there and the well piping runs through into it with a 250 gal water storage tank inline. Go down stairs, through the laundry room and on the back wall there are stairs going down to it. Out of sight.... Out of mind.
  13. It is no longer an Educational system........ It's INDOCTRINATIONAL !
  14. Manufacturer Year (Prefix): 94 Importer: Big Bear Arms, Dallas, TX Import Year: 1995 per the manual and box Gas Plug: Single Setting Gas Puck Style: Old Recoil Spring Dust Cover: None Bolt Hold Open: None
  15. I like shooting the stupid thing. Thanks for praises.
  16. I'm willing to help you out. LOL Your a few weeks later, I sold a complete matching #'s front end parts kit.
  17. Hell yes. Saveable. You truely don't need to weld and redrill. A good rivet squisher can fill the holes and make it solid. I would use it. weld the hloes that need welding, use it.
  18. Years ago when I was still into trapping, I use to make a good chunk of money off of HUGE Racoon pelts. I trapped them along the edge of a swamp that came up behind a strip pf fast food joints. Arby's, Mc Donalds and Taco Bell where the main food source in the area for them. 30 pound racoon's were NOT uncommon weight.
  19. Well HR..... Extractor removes by turning the the pressure screw counter clockwise to the less pressure setting. (you can feel the difference). Use a small pick to depress the plunger behind the extractror and pull it out. Dont let the plunger and spring go flying. LOL To remove the firing pin... there is a small retaining pin towards the back of the bolt body. Soak the piss out of it with PB Blast. The pin does not like to come out, it's a PITA. But the pin will move either direction. That's about it.
  20. WOW.... I've done the job of opening the mag well for double stacks....... That is not the way. Repairable.... My opinion.... Yes. But damn.
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