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  1. You may find my body in a ditch. But, I will be lying on a bed of brass.

  2. You may find my body in a ditch. But, I will be lying on a bed of brass.

  3. You may find my body in a ditch. But, I will be lying on a bed of brass.

  4. You may find my body in a ditch. But, I will be lying on a bed of brass.

  5. You may find my body in a ditch. But, I will be lying on a bed of brass.

  6. Well, it didn't feel quite right. The 74 mag just wasn't cutting it. I pulled the 10rd guts from it and implanted them in a metric FAL mag body. Now it really looks F'd up;
  7. Been done.... Flip the trigger guard around and see where it lines up to the mag catch and cut the trigger guard. Throw a bolt in the rear hole to hold the TG to the receiver and a couple tack welds. Clean it up.
  8. Why does everyone seem to want to complicate thing? There is a raghead in Pakistan, sitting cross legged in a cave, next to an open fire, building AK's using nothing but rudimentary hand tools. If he can do it...... Anyone with a plug outlet in thier wall can.
  9. Hell if I know.... I was drunk. Only way to do a paint job like that.
  10. I got the Centari automotive paint in... So I had to make it "Pretty Ugly". Looking a pics for a couple days, I've learned there is no rime or reason to Rhodesian rifles. Parts, slings, carry handles, paint..... LOL Colors are nothing short of WOW! Distressing takes some of the edge off of the finished look, more better. I stuffed the guts from a factory 10rd mag into a beat Bulgarian 74 mag. No real reason but looks. Tis a done deal; Yeah..... I know ..... stupid..... but...... It's different.
  11. Only reason I ever bought a press was for bending flats. I never used it for pulling a barrel from a trunion ever. I did eventually make a jig to hold the receiver with trunion installed so I could use the press to rebarrel. But for atleast 4 builds I used all thread to reinstall.
  12. Augh..... Google "pokie rivet tool" Go to harbor frieght and buy a 24" bolt cutter and grind the jaws to make a rivet crusher..... Simple, easy and will last you through all your builds. removing the barrel from the trunion I use a ball joint puller. cheap tool for reinstalling the barrel is a piece of all thread, washers and nuts.
  13. I got 3 - 10rd and 3 - 4rd mags. Both of my 410's sport wood stocks. My other 410 is a '94 dated factory Saiga woody. Bunny guns they be, not gonna start hanging crap on them. I will admitt .... I did think about making a section of rail to replace the rear sight, but then thought....... WHY?
  14. Well, lot of shit going on here in NY right now. Just wanted to post a pic of my New converted 410. Why? As far as I'm concerned... It's gonna be business as usual here, I will not conform. Chinese t-hole butt stock and a custom made forearm I made up from oak.
  15. no registering, no turning in, no nothing. converting it back does nothing as for the legalaties of the saiga.... AK action in any caliber.......
  16. Hit the want to sell sections on the forums... there going in the nieghborhood of $75 now a days
  17. I'm going out today...... Hell, having company over to help shoot some also. I'm not hurting on ammo. I believe in stocking up when the deal is found, needed or not. I've been doing it for decades. I'll never understand those that have to stop on the way to range to GET ammo....
  18. Phil. I do like Moly coatings.... Results are great. Only issue with me is the plastics, stocks, pistol grips.... things that can't handle a high heat bake.
  19. Black oxide is OK. But why make the rails out of SS? Rail sets are cheap.
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