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  1. Well the butt plate is not listed as a part on the count. The stock is, and that is the US made part.
  2. I can't say I've ever run across a squib load in x39 of any manufactured round. Ever. In my VZ52's I've had them, but with 60 year old ammo that's been kicked around from country to country and not stored properly.... I can understand it.
  3. Like it says.... Romanian side folding stock.... Anyone got one and willing to part with it? Cash sale or trade for parts? I got foot lockers of AK and SKS parts
  4. Way way way way overdue. Glad you like it. A little color looks nice on there.
  5. Merry X-mas. The season is of giving and the joy of doing so. But.... Everyone loves to open gifts, see the present with thier name on it. Find that "Santa" came throu bigtime with the want to get gift.
  6. Dumb ass. I hope something happens.... probable wont.... but it would be Great
  7. It's not hard to fit a standard gas tube to an AMD. You need to cut to length needed plus a little, then sweg the end out. Heat the end with a torch and find an apropriately sized socket to press, hammer into it. Keep the sweg straight when doing it. Then fit as needed with a file.
  8. I like asking the older cops I know, getting ready to retire, if they filled out the papers for a pistol permit yet. They always look at me stupid and ask "what for?". So I just feel the need to remind them all those pistols they bought using thier badge, which is legal, will be illegal when they retire and turn in thier badge. I helped one move to a new house and he was pulling pistols out of his sock drawer he forgot he evened owned.
  9. Rhubarb and strawberry pie Banana cream pie Key lime pie Then of course hair pie, fur pie, bald pie. Yes I will eat it in a box.
  10. I like it... but as a lefty... a kit for an Ithaca would be nicer
  11. No to step on toes of any of our fine vendors. But a worthy shopping spot I found this evening. To make you point clear as to which side of the debate you stand. http://www.gadsdenandculpeper.com/
  12. I went with 223 for the reasoning I have ammo. Knowing myself if I start going the 74 way, I'll want everything. One of everything, rifles, ammo, mags, slings, pouches. x39 has already created numerious piles within my dwelling. LOL
  13. Pics or it didn't happen. JK Oh, the pics have popped up in the chatroom from time to time. This is not the place for them. LOL
  14. I wrote, but to deaf ears in this state. Even are Rep. Representatives seem to be in support of a ban. Although, like I believe them... The responce "I don't expect much to change." is a weak, fanciful, feel good attempt at prewritten responce too taxpayers.
  15. My GF has some big Tata's, and I like playing with them. She doesnt mind a bit. I knew there was a reason.
  16. I'm 99.99999999999999999% sure the sun will come up Saterday morning. But just in case....... I will have a case of beer and 5# of peanuts in stock for the inpending doom.
  17. yeh beleive it or not, they will not sell to fellow nyers. I do see the wieger mags at the local shows but they are selling for $50 each here. if the galil mags are my best option to work with the bullet guide installed I will take a trip to PA soon and grab a few. thanks for the help, it's tough living here...but my wifes roots run deep. LOL Sucks don't it??????????? They wont even sell a folding stock to a NY'er. I picked up some steel Galil mags for my 223. The rifle likes all but one of them and that one fall under finicky, sometimes yes sometimes no. With 8 others and the
  18. I'm done shopping. I got the last of my shipping conferms in the e-mail box tonight.
  19. I stiil don't know if that little tree of yours Nail is gonna hold a 100 count string of shotgun shell lights. But we will find out.
  20. I like stories like this.....Even being a butthole.... Minium price tag for NIB = $850
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