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  1. If you can find the sweet spot for a stop at the rear (depending on enough metal) that should work If you want the scope fwd more for eye relief reasons you may need to put the screw all the way through the clamp and into the rail, pretty much bolting the mount to the rail. To remove you'd need to unbolt it. All depends on scoping out the shape of the clamp and rail and where exactly you want the scope to be positioned. Ahh, I see what you're saying. Depending where I want the scope to stop will dictate whether I use the screw as a "nub" replacement or as a "fixator" if needed furth
  2. Avatar, Thanks for the advice. I think I'm gonna mill or Dremel off the existing "nub" at the front of the mount and drill/tap a screw for the rear. That seems the easiest and cheapest approach. My buddy is a gunsmith and I'm giving him an AR buffer tube---so he owes me! One thing: since the mount would now slide on from the rear (with the front nub gone) why would you have to unscrew the screw in the rear to remove the scope? Just unlatch the lever and slide it to the rear, right? Basically I would be using the new rear screw as the "nub", or stopping point. Why would it have to be
  3. Rig something like what? If I can avoid dropping another $200 I 'd just as soon rig something.
  4. I had a Romanian PSL that I sold but kept the scope. I put it on my .308 Saiga. Problem is that even with it tightened down enough that I have to tap the lever into the locked position with a plastic hammer it still starts sliding forward after 5 or 6 shots. Obviously not as much as when it's looser but it would eventually pop off if I kept shooting.
  5. I put a Mojo MicroClick peep sight on my Saiga and love it! In fact, I have Mojo's on all my AK-style rifles. I don't care for the notch. Gotta say though, an M-14 clone will ALWAYS be in my collection. They strike a sweet spot with me.
  6. Is there? I had a hell of a time getting the tube back on with it.
  7. Does that little clip have to be on the gas tube? You know, in the rear part where it interfaces with the locking lever? If it's to prevent rattling of the gas tube mine doesn't rattle without it. Or is there another reason for it being on there?
  8. Got a NIB .308 Saiga, 21" barrel, yesterday at Knob Creek (the range's gunshop, not another vendor) for $489 out the door. It is the standard version with the black synthetic furniture and "sporter" stock. Actually, I intend to keep it that way as I wanted a .308 "long gun", kinda like a poor man's M-14. Add a Mojo peep and I might hit one of the "Appleseed" classes! Oh, and replace the sling loops with wider ones so I can "sling up". Not to hijack, but I took an "Appleseed" class with an M-14 clone (that gave me fits BTW!) and it was a nice back-to-basics class. Highly recommended.
  9. I had a few 25 rd'ers that I had some problems with. I cut them down to 15rds but haven't tried them yet. Anyone know if this should work??????
  10. Chaps, I see you took the plunge! Hell, you fit it better than I did! Those VEPR stocks are the perfect angle though, eh? And yeah, I didn't like the thumby either (I'm a southpaw). I went to Knob Creek today and bought a standard black stocked sporter version which I was looking for when I got the Version 21. Now that I have the traditional one I was originally looking for I might consider letting the VEPR stocked one go if anyone is interested. I still have the original wooden thumbhole stock and handguard it came with.
  11. ABNAK

    Saiga 308 Idea

    Good luck getting the front and rear sights to line up. That would be the most difficult thing to do, minutia-wise.
  12. I bought a VEPR .308 stock from Robinson Armament. Had to fit it a little but the angle matched up perfectly---no gap. It cost $96.
  13. I didn't think Saiga receiver covers were interchangeable with other AK style ones? I've seen ads for some of those covers with Picatinny rails on them and they said "Not for Saiga's". In other words would they have to make a kit specifically for a Saiga?
  14. Interesting. Looking at the drawing I was unable to tell if it was part of a new receiver cover or if it attaches independently.
  15. I just put a Mojo MicroClik peep rear sight on mine. I like the peep as opposed to the notch on an AK. In fact, ALL my AK-type rifles have a Mojo on them.
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