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  1. mastercrasher

    Gunfixr gas plug warning

    I just installed the tac-47 and hope it works like the videos I've seen on u-tube. The main reason is a mix of ammo. I'm not your typical shotgunner. I use everything from cheap stuff to expensive Centurion and PDX1 and all between.
  2. mastercrasher

    help with washington state gun laws

    I just finished mine that I got from Discount Guns Kirkland 3 years ago. Way below requirements. A real pain moding the frame to move trigger assy. I used Tromox stuff. There is other parts out there that are drop in. I had to make a custom part to tie in the colapsable stock, no big deal. I don't know how the new gas plug will react but it's cool looking. The Poly-Choke is a real pain to clean. Wifes bugging me to go to dinner, sorry for any mispelling.
  3. My Saiga has a threaded barrel. I added a Poly Choke II. Then I added a Tapco collapsable stock with pistol grip. I added aside mount red dot for use with slugs. I have 5 and 10 round magazines. Am I legal or not???
  4. mastercrasher

    My gas adjuster is stuck on 2 and won't turn.

    Did you push the little button down before you tried to turn it?
  5. Nice going Ahnald, now I know why your favorite part of the body is the ASS. It's you in the mirror. What a dumb bill sign off on. Are you in Obama's pocket too?