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  1. RDSWriter

    MP5 CLONE!! (MKE)

    Does anyone know a dealer that has both the MP5 & MP5K B&T stocks 'in stock' right now?
  2. I recently acquired an Izhmash rubber buttpad to add to a 12C folder. My Google Fu is failing me as I have yet to find a picture or procedure for installing this. I've read the older threads on this site regarding some issues that can arise with these... What I need to know is how to install them. From what it seems, you poke holes through the rubber to be able to install the screws to mount them. FYI, it replaces the Metal buttplate. I'm looking for confirmation/experience on how to install this buttpad. UPDATE: I sent a couple emails out to RKIs on the S12 platform; turns out if you squeeze the buttpad longitudinally, there are a couple slits that become exposed. you lubricate the & install the crews though them.
  3. RDSWriter

    How to fix your dented Saiga 12 barrel

    Thanks for posting the rental site... Similar to jojo, I've passed on some dbl bbl shotguns due to dented barrels. It's not that I didn't know about the tool, but rather that I didn't want to pony up $500 for a new tool. I've looked for used dent removing tools, but I have never found one for a price I was willing to pay... Especially when I don't/won't buy one without having a true need for it. It's real nice to know that I can simply rent one as needed.
  4. RDSWriter

    Molot USA has vepr12 mags in stock

    Looks like the factory Molot 8rd mags are back @ $99 each tonight.
  5. RDSWriter

    Single Shot NO detachable mag S-12... NY compliant.

    From NY Dicktater's... Ahem... Governor's website Q: If I modify my gun by removing all design characteristics that makes it an assault weapon, do I have to register it? A: No. If you modify your gun so that it is not an assault weapon, you do not have to register it. The modification must be permanent however. This includes, for example, removing the bayonet lug by cutting or grinding, grinding off the threads on the barrel, removing the foregrip so that it cannot be readily reattached, or any change that cannot be reversed through reasonable means.
  6. I am looking to sell an original (Halo) Monolithic Arms S12 quadrail forearm with integrated sights. This is much heavier than most products on the market and helps with muzzle rise. No longer produced... as the company was acquired. I installed it on my S12 and used if briefly, but decided to go another direction with wood furniture. The forearm only has slight wear where it was installed/contacted the 'trunion' of the S12. Asking $175. Please IM if interested. (thanks for the reminder on 'Halo' Cobra... I actually forgot that was the original name)
  7. RDSWriter

    Picture Post, Lets see your Vepr-12

    A century of progress
  8. RDSWriter

    WTK - blank Tromix stock

    I originally posted this question to Carolina Shooters Supply, and they recommended that I contact you directly. Is it possible to get a Tromix stock with no mounting holes? ( As an FYI, I do not have a Tromix conversion) I'm interested in cutting the stock at a 3 degree angle, then drilling the holes to mount to the folding mechanism. This would easily allow for mounting the stock at the correct angle... And when folded to the right... provide the necessary clearance for the factory charging handle. I could always cut/sleeve/re-drill my current Tromix stock, but I'd prefer to just start from a blank.
  9. RDSWriter

    MFR markings

    There are somem AK type firearms with the information on the trunion.. My Saiga 12 has the serial number on one side and the model, importer, city and state on the other side of the trunion. Granted... Those are very big trunions. Regardless, I do have a letter from the Tech Branch regarding the trunion. Once riveted to the sheet metal receiver, it becomes part of the receiver (basically considered as permanent as the metal strips in polymer framed firearms). If the trunion contains the original manufacturer's serial number, then it cannot ever be replaced because doing so would remove the original serial number. If not serial numbered or if it does not contain original required NFA marks,then it can be replaced.
  10. RDSWriter

    WTK: Old vs new Magazine release

    I bought this fun NIB in 1998 directly from the importer (Kalashnikov USA) when the were initially showing them at a Tampa Bay gun show. I waited six years and then personally converted this shotgun the month after the AWB expiration. So, I know this is magazine release is factory because I removed the shotgun NIB from the box. I have no clue why it would be that short, but my original 12C LEO from 1999 has the newer style release as have all of my other S12s. From what I see in my other S12s, I have the same opinion as you... That the receiver block is the same... But that pin is almost comical it is in there so tight. No other S12 I have ever disassembled has ever been as tight as this one... Which makes me wonder if there is something that I dont know or am overlooking on this older model. That's the reason for this thread; before I put attempt to use a hydraulic press to remove the pin, I'm hoping that Tromix or Danzig or other 'old school' forum members have seen or worked with of these and can provide a definitive answer.
  11. Is it possible to get a Tromix stock with no mounting holes? ( As an FYI, I do not have a Tromix conversion) I'm interested in cutting the stock at a 3 degree angle, then drilling the holes to mount to the folding mechanism. This would easily allow for mounting the stock at the correct angle... And when folded to the right... provide the necessary clearance for the factory charging handle. I could always cut/sleeve/re-drill my current Tromix stock, but I'd prefer to just cut and drill once and be done.
  12. RDSWriter

    WTK: Old vs new Magazine release

    Well... After years of running my S12 SBS with a factory magazine release, I'm interested in replacing the factory mag catch with an extended mag catch from JT. I have a 1998 Kalashnikov USA import and noticed that the spring and rear contact surface of this 'older' S12 is different than even the more recent imports. In addition the actual original lever is shorter than the more recent imports. For reference, the old style mag release has a typical coil spring (similar to a firing pin spring) that presses against the back top of the mag release to create the tension. My question is, Is this 'old' style S12 mounting point/receiver block compatible with the new parts? I'm guessing yes... But can't seem to get the pin to easily come out......... And the pin....... Holy $@ it's in their tight. Even with penetrating oil and hitting the pin MUCH MUCH harder than the gas block pins... It doesn't budge. So before I continue down the removal/T&E with the newer parts, i'm hoping that someone can confirm the compatibility. I'd rather just leave the old pin if there is a difference in the receiver block. Any guidance is appreciated.
  13. RDSWriter

    Saiga 20 Flash Suppressor

    I've been looking for a US made flash suppressor for for a Saiga 20 with the original Russian 20 threads. I've found a couple options on muzzle attachments, but none that mimic the Saiga 12 slotted flash suppressors. I'm looking for a flash suppressor type extension - not a choke, nut or AK-74 muzzle brake design. Question - Is anyone manufacturing these at this time? Thanks.
  14. RDSWriter

    Saiga 12 pistol?

    To summarize all the posts above and add a bit more detail: In short, you can't make a 20 gauge or 12 gauge pistol due the 'smooth bore'. Smooth bore 'pistols' are not pistols... they are AOWs and subject to the NFA. Regarding the diameter of the bore. 'Pistols' with rifling are no longer pistols at 20gauge and 12 gauge diameter. So, if you want 'pistol' with less than an 18" barrel, you will need to register it as an AOW, Destructive Device or a Short Barrelled Shotgun. I haven't seen anyone register an S12 as a DD... and frankly I think most of us would prefer if everyone just steers clear of articulating how unsporting the shotgun is that it would necessitate a DD status to the BATFE. For NFA, the Form 1 making tax is $200. So if you're going to build one yourself... you may as well just make an SBS out of a 'sporting' Saiga. That way you can use a stock or put it in a pistol configuration. If you live in a state that does not allow SBSs... then you MIGHT want to try to make your own receiver and cannibalize an S12 for all the necessary parts and make an AOW... but damn that would be time consuming and expensive. Once an AOW is made, the Form 4 transfer tax is $5... but it will cost you $200 to make it on a Form 1. Alternatively, you could have a C2 SOT make it on a Form 2... then there is no making tax... but you'll need to pay the C2 SOT for his effort and then pay the $5 to have it transferred to you via a Form 4.
  15. RDSWriter

    saiga aow???

    First, the serial numbered part - by itself - is not considered the receiver if the BATF Tech Branch interprets the structure of the Saiga 12 the same as it has for AKs in its prior letters/rulings. Technically, when the 'trunion' contains the only serial number and it is 'permanently' riveted to the sheetmetal portion of the 'receiver' it becomes part of the permanent receiver. Both parts - combined - make up the receiver if the trunion has the only serial number. With AKs, the ATF will not allow you to replace a trunion (even though they classify serial numbered trunions as TRUNIONS) if it contains the one and only serial number BECAUSE it is defacto a permanent part of the receiver because the receiver must contain the serial number. It is a federal crime to intentionally obliterate, obscure, deface or remove the original serial number. That is why you cannot replace the trunion (because you would be removing the ORIGINAL serial number) from the receiver. Additionally, the ATF considers bent, machined portions of the AK receiver to be receivers. BUT since the two parts are manufactured and permanently assembled prior to leaving the manufacturer... they consider the two combined the receiver with the trunion containing the serial number of the receiver. That is also why you can't buy a bent sheetmetal receivers with all the holes/openings machined without it having a serial number because - by itself - it qualifies a a receiver and, as such, must contain the serial number. Now, if you want to demil the Saiga 12, I suspect that the demil process would be the same as a typical AK in that you can leave the trunion intact while torching the receiver in the specified locations. BUT... since the ATF has not classified the Saiga 12 'trunion' an actual trunion (at least per their letter to Wesley Drennan at Soupbowl Enterprises dated Nov 17, 1997), they might require a different method or locations to legally demil via torching. In short, if you are 100% gung-ho on destroying a S12 and manufacturing a S12 virgin sheetmetal channel, you need to write the Tech Branch ask: What is the appropriate method/cutting location to legally destroy a Saiga 12 receiver and have the remaining parts unrestricted for sale? Don't be too surprised if the ATF requires a different method than an AK rifles, and requires you to torch cut from the magwell to the the barrel through the trunion - which would effectively destroy the part you need to 'easily' make an AOW. Peace out.