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  1. U, It's a happy( imagine a happy face here) feeling (for me) to know that Israel by now has many, many nukes no doubt mounted on SRBMs and maybe IRBMs. Have a nice further existence, An American gentile. Or is it genital?? (I can never remember! )
  2. That is beautiful pic! Mozambeak uses that technique also. Seems that largish prints of that type could be sold on the 'net. Nice.
  3. Doing cabbie has always seemed to be sort of a "freedom" way of putting beans on the table. Sometimes dangerous for sure. Do you use gps a lot nowadays? Do you buy your own cab and equipment then contract out?
  4. Shee-it. That shit is rejecto for even the stinking bowels of Surly-Gurls fight club
  5. Yo AYNUS....yeah you! I suggest you put down your wall street journal once in awhile and get familiar with another little bit of writing that's right here on this forum. Here I'll copy and paste it for you since you don't seem to be able to find it on your own. This is rule number five, and it doesn't just apply to the for sale forums.... 5. NO TROLLING!!! Do not post any negative remarks toward the other members... <snip> I'm staring to get real irritated with you and few other retards on this site, always trolling my posts and running your smart little mouths. STFU if you don't have anything nice to say. You guys have gotten too used to your favorite part of the forum down there at the bottom. Maybe you all should be confined to there, so you can talk all the shit you want and we grownups don't have to see it. How is suggesting a newspaper trolling? And confinement in the fight club? No no noooo. It stinks down there..it's Surly, never bathes and reeks of the backends of livestock.
  6. dnp


    Necessary Evil, A few months ago somebody posted about these so I Google searched "Hogue Grips" and ordered from their site. Already disposed of all the paperwork that came with. Sorry. Easy enough to re-find, though, if you want to do that.
  7. Cobra, Puhleez start reading the "Wall Street Journal" for true fact reporting. You don't have to buy it. Your local library would have it. Maybe you already do read it. The" Editorial" page as well as the "Letters" page is always chock-a-block full of True Information, so far not contaminated by leftism. Just sayin'...
  8. dnp


    Yo, Hogue grips just arrived. Nice! Like CAA but Hogue rubber as compared to hard plastic. Others who ordered already got/getting, I suppose.
  9. He was into bestiality too? MJ did have a live-in chimpanzee for a number of years.
  10. +100 Ed was a Marine Pilot in WW2 and served this country honorably and died broke because he trusted the wrong people and he gets no respect. Farah seemed to be a decent person and gave me a lot of tension relief. I'm so sick of the non stop coverage of MJ and all the apologists and every washed up celebrity getting their air time declaring what a great talent he was. And that fuckwad Geraldo announcing that MJ was not guilty and never molested any children. What a waste of oxygen he is. I never saw any talent out of MJ except when he was a little kid novelty act. Other than that it was like overproduced bubble gum crap put out like a broadway show with every video and concert spending millions on production. They can make anyone a star they want to with that kind of money and music mafia behind them. And I'll never be convinced he wasn't a child molester, why did he pay off all those other families? He paid for his not guilty verdict on the weakest case and then shut up the rest of them with money. I hate the parents that let him get away with it almost as his ass. Good ridance he should have died in prison being big bubbas bitch. And to top it off the govt is screwing us behind the scenes with the cap and trade while everyone is pissing and moaning about losing the king of pop. (Never waste a crisis?)
  11. The USS REAGAN: Magnificent. The other two: So true to character(lessness)
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