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  1. Sleeve is factory as far as I can tell. has a notch on the bottom like a pin would sit on possible it had a very long handguard on it?
  2. Didn't know this forum was so dead these days is there a new forum.
  3. can't find out any info on this saiga12 model has a cantilever dust cover factory front sight and a sleeve pressed on anybody have info thanks in advance.
  4. mine came from the factory with the trigger slightly catching the safety just had to hit the back of the trigger a few times with a file
  5. that sucks man i preordered mine from copes back in october got mine yesterday for the original price of 1000 so i guess it just depends on who you order from i guess.
  6. will an standard rpk handguard be easily mounted with a few mods?
  7. dont know why but i love an sbr with a fixed wood stock.
  8. best option is the bulgy waffles with a bullet guide. ive been away for a while so im not sure if the same mods are required on the new guns. btw i use eg weigers, yugos, waffles and factory mags all with out issue.
  9. does anybody have one of these in hand yet. also does anybody know if a standard rpk handguard will work with the retainer after removing some material from the inside and rear tab of course.
  10. will this cause more wear on the tail end of the bolt do to it being harder than a standard fcg.
  11. i might pay 200 for one but 450 no way.
  12. yes but its a lot of work you would be better off just buying a rpk.
  13. nice mags boringly reliable some of my favorite mags.
  14. this is why i make my own bullet guides no way my whole can be off.
  15. i say go for it ive always wondered if you could do that with a steel ar mag.
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