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  1. So you are saying that cops must perform certain duties even if they think they are wrong or immoral, just to keep their jobs? And what is the "we " stuff? "we " have enough laws already. I've never voted for anyone who has ran on a platform that included anything other than downsizing government and doing away with often useless or overreaching laws and regulations. BTW... to stay on topic. If I am scared enough or mad enough to pull a gun IT WILL BE FIRED. There will be no, just to show to diffuse a situation. If it comes out it goes boom. Which is probably why I don't carry
  2. Don't worry man. I get like that every now and again. Like every time I log on to the net. I have to sit there and debate whether i want to search for porn or gun stuff for about 10 mins before I can do anything.
  3. Damn it... why you gotta go and try to confuse me by adding another choice into the mix? It's gonna take me another 2 weeks of research now to figure out what i wanna do.
  4. Like I said in my original post... I'm leaning towards the Gun-kote since it's seems the simplest to apply with aerosol. Figure I'll hold off on Duracoating for now. Unless some one says one or the other is better for the aluminum. I've got a oven in the shop to use to preheat and bake on the gun-kote. So essentially All I'll need to buy is the coating if i go the GK route. jeff
  5. I'm gonna attempt to refinish my mossy 12 ga. This is more of a project where I plan on honing my skills. So if it doesn't come off as a professional look I'll be OK with it. Quite frankly unless I get extremely lucky I doubt it will. never been to good at the whole "painting" thing on anything. Anyways.... What would be best to use? I'm kinda leaning towards the Gun-Kote from Brownells. It comes in an aerosol can so no need for an airbrush like the duracoat. I can source an airbrush if I have to go the duracoat route though. I've just never used an airbrush or even spray gun befo
  6. I really don't care what you guys decide to do but..... As long as this site has vendor specific forums and paid vendors you will have this problem. From my own personal experience in running my own business I've been on all sides of the issue. Sometimes the customer has unreasonable expectations, sometimes the vendor promises something that can't be delivered or be delivered on time, Sometimes the customer is one that will never be happy no matter what and sometimes the vendor di actually screw up. Anyways.... I'm not trying to say anything about whether it's good or bad to v
  7. HUH? How'd a bunch of lawyers, doctors and dentists scare off the gangstas??? :haha:
  8. I recently got a really good deal on a little Mossy 500 12 ga. 18.5" barrel and pistol grip. I know this will sound like heresy on this site but I've never really been into semi auto shotguns. So I figured I would turn this little pump gun into my home defense weapon. The gun has some wear on the reciever and only has the pistol grip. Question 1 Will duracoat work on the receiver? Q#2 Where is the best place to look for a good stock with a pistol grip? The gun was really cheap and more than anything I just wanna play around with it by refinishing it and adding a few
  9. After being called by a customer and having to go into the shop and work most of the day I finally got a chance to walk over to the neighbor's this evening. Talk about a dick. Dude got all defensive as soon as his wife called him to the door. I told her who i was and why I was there. Course I know she recognized me. Even though we have never met they have seen me out in the yard. Anyways... He just said how unsafe it was and how the noise bothered him. I tried to tell him it ain't like I'm back there shooting every weekend or anything. Even told him I don't wanna be an ass, so it ain'
  10. Damn... even more replies. ... Again I must say thanks guys... I had to work all day today and since I got home around 6 he hasn't been home. I figure I'll try and talk to him tomorrow if possible. At least find out what kind of person I am dealing with. But let me say again... it ain't like I am operating a shooting range out back or anything. I or a few friends may shoot 3 or 4 times a year back there. most of the time it is just checking our scopes on the hunting rifles before the deer or pig season starts. the neighbors have lived there for about 2 months and I have been here f
  11. I'm so tempted to trust me. got a few thousand rounds I picked up at hte last gun show that need shootin too. I'll sleep on it tonight and see if I've calmed down by the morning.
  12. thanks for the replies guys. maybe it's just me, but I'm just sick of it. not just the shooting thing but other things too. I'm always the one that is supposed to be civil and talk it out all the while most of the time I never get the same respect. I know it would be best to try and talk to him first. But as far as I know from talking to a few deputies and a former sheriff I am legal. Considering that the pecker head didn't even have the decency to at least talk to me about it first. I just feel like letting ti rip fro a few weekends in a row just to piss him off. I mean it ain't
  13. Had few friends over this evening and did some shooting out back from the house. Granted I don't live on a farm, but I live out in the country and have enough property and the lay out is perfect to keep bullets well confined to my property with no neighbors on the back side ro anything.... Anyways..... Like I said a few buds and I were out back blowing the shit out of old comp monitors and various other targets and sighting in a few new scopes and and red dots on shotguns. We had been at it for about 45 minutes with a shot every 2 mins or so. We had about 20 guns laid out on the t
  14. I really don't care if those sort of avatars are allowed or not. it's not my forum so I have to abide by the rules the mods and Makc set. Which is fine with me. I think most people got a little upset with the wording of the OP's post. I have only been here a little while and even if I had been here years i wouldn't have dared try and tell people what they can and can't do according to what I thought was acceptable. I still have to laugh when people bring up the "viewing at work" excuse though. Just my .02 jeff
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