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  1. I only use FSE fire control parts and have never experienced the problem.
  2. Been real busy. I closed down my business and went to work for a large corporation so I could stay close to home. Now, I work longer hours for less money - go figure. Also, my family has been plagued with really weird accidents lately. The wife and kids have all had to have surgery in the last 2 months, and it has been quite stressful. Haven't started any new projects in over 6 months.
  3. I saw Mr. Weeks at a gunshow this weekend. Asked him about his website, as I am getting lots of email regarding parts sources since his website went down. Apparently, there are a lot of rumors floating around as well. The real story is this: RPB's web hosting company was paid for a shopping cart that RPB never got. So Mr. Weeks pulled the account. He is currently persuing other options for a new, improved website. Meanwhile, orders for Saiga conversion parts can still be placed by calling 1-800-858-0809. Still the same great quality at the same great prices.
  4. I use a 3/16 TiN coated end mill. Haven't had any problems...
  5. The RSA will work, but IMHO they are not worth the money. On the shotgun, you will have to grind on the hammer, regardless of the make of the FCG. On the 30 Combloc or the 223, the G2 and FSE are litterally drop-in. My favorite is the FSE trigger group. They give you an excellent trigger pull with no work. The G2 may even be easier to install, since it now ships with a pivot sleeve, however, it looks like the sleeve would cause the disconnector to be weaker due to the thinner wall around the axle hole.
  6. Most of the 308 conversions on the 49/56 were [erformed by angry beavers at Century Arms in Vermont. The "gunsmiths" were part time college and high school kids. The 49/56 can be made into a most reliable 308 if done correctly. First, you must take the barrel off. Then trim 9/16 off the breech end. Next, set the barrel shoulder forward to give you the same amount of shank that you had before trimming. Then, rethread the shank. Next, time the barrel. Then, recut the chamber with a finishing reamer. Finally, work the handguard over from the receiver side to match the shortened barrel. As to the gas system, the 308 is approx 10K PSI greater than the 7.5, so you will need to do something or risk fracturing the receiver witht he bolt. One approach is to put stivver springs in. Another is to drill the gas cutoff and put set screws in each sid and fiddle with the gap between the ends (a kind of gas regulator). I have seen both methods work pretty good. Best accuracy is achieved with .311 bullets. If you don't want to do the work yourself, or you would like to salvage a Century converted hack job, a gunsmith named George Stringer does quality work on these rifles. There is nothing wrong with the original 7.5 MAS cartridge. It is very effective on deer and has less recoil than a 308 Win. Or, you might try this:
  7. Bigfoot, give us a report on the shape its in, etc.
  8. It means you spread lapping compound on all the areas where different parts meet and work the parts until they have 100% contact and the surfaces are very smooth.
  9. The Modelo BM which is a cut down Modelo B is a sweet deal right now. Wholesale on them is around $139 with plastic box, instruction manual (en Espanol), and two magazines. They are all steel and the controls are all in the same places as a 1911. They will even keep a 3-foot group at 100 yards! I would recommend an Modelo BM to anyone looking for a quality self-loading pistol.
  10. True, but the rule of WECSOG is that you modify the least expensive part. That way if you screw up, you have lost less.
  11. They ought to be good shooters. They are exact replicas of what is probably the finest SA/DA platform extant - the CZ-75. V-R's example may have had quality problems, as Tangfolio was known for this in the early years, but they have since gotten their QC together. To get find a selfloader with a SA/DA action that comes close to the CZ, you have to pay a lot of money - and you still don't have a CZ.
  12. Check out the CZ550 in 30-06. It is one sweet and well made rifle. British gun laws suck.
  13. I just got back from the range about 10 minutes ago. Here's what I found out: The Galil mags fit a little loosely. In my converted Saiga 223, they would not feed at all. Upon examination, I perceived that the geometry in the way they seat in the magazine well is slightly off. Even though I have a bullet guide in the gun, the bullet tip hits the breech face below the chamber. There are two ways to fix this. The first, and probably simplest is to install a slightly thicker (or angled) bullet guide. This would probably make the Weigers more reliable, too, as I had 7 FTFs out of 100 rounds with the same symptom. The second way would involve modifying the magazine and since it would probably no longer work in the Galil, I do not think it would be legal, at least before the AWB sunsets. This modification would involve building up the bottom of the front tab of the magazine and the top of the rear tab, so that the angle of the cartridge axis to the bore axis would be increased slightly. That way, when the round is stripped off the top of the magazine, it would be pointed right at the chamber and feed. I think I am going to play around with the bullet guide some and see if I can't get the Galil mag to work.
  14. !@#$%&* Earthlink! They have a download limit on personal websites and mine has been exceeded, so if you go there now, you will get the message: So I have moved the site to a New Location. I don't know how long I can keep it there.
  15. Hmmm. Interesting concept. There are distinct advantages that the Kel-tec has over the Saiga: - Ability to use M16 mags - Folding feature for compact storage - Integral bipod The advantages the Saiga has: - Cheap - Simple - Standard sights never move in relation to each other I guess it's personal preference and wallet. I like the fact that Kel-tec stayed away from the direct gas impinging system of the M16, and I wonder if they use the M16 bolt in their design.
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