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  1. If the mags are lrbho mags I will take at least 2 plz send me pics of the mags from the top!!!
  2. For the cost you cant find a better knife than a Morris. I have used and abused mine still sharpens up like new!
  3. Oh, so nice to be back home ware people don't look at you like WTF HAPPY B-Day. What are you one of those gun totin right wingers! I love our forum!!
  4. After getting an M1A I wouldn't own any other 308! My Vepr was great but lacked in the accuracy category.
  5. I built this S-20 a few years ago!
  6. The stock is a magpul M93 the grip is a Houge ar grip with addapter RPK front handguard, Tritium sights (sweet for CQB)redstar adj trigger (awesome) 2 Css 20s 10 or 11 surefires 25s I may take a couple of weapons on trade? Mini 14 or 30, M1 carbine, looking for the Wife and daughter so not a lot of recoil!! Also shooting ACTS is expensive with 7.62x51!
  7. Found a Springfield M1A will now concider other trades. Let me know if you have any thing interesting!
  8. Vepr 308 2 csspecs mags, 10 sure fire 25 rounders and the Vepr $1800 or trade for an M1A
  9. If it takes Galil mags you should be able to make it accept Saiga 308 mags? One in 308 would be stellar!!
  10. They made a 16" with the sight block right up tight against the Gas block.
  11. I want that rifle with a solid side folder! And a case of the mags The problem with the hand guards is the upper stops short of the lower, it would look better if they lined up like AK hand guards!
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