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  1. every promag I have ever tried worked really good and is still working good. My star-30m metal promags did need some fitting though. I have 6 promags for my saiga 223 (the promag saiga mags with plastic bullet guide), and they all work great and 1 of them (my oldest one) probably has 500+ rounds through it.
  2. the ati does come with the front grips and at $53 is a very nice alternative to the chaote. I like the pull of the ati better in fact.
  3. Even IF a domestic manufacturer took up production of the 5.45x39 round, the price would be as high or higher than domestic 7.62x39 ammo, and that is a big IF. I look at it like this, let's say bushmaster would start making .222 ar-15's. Who would buy one? And look at what a .222 ar-15 has going for it, standard ar-15 .223 mags would work fine (something that can't be said about the ak-74 using ak-47 mags) and reloaders could use the same (readily available) .223 bullet without hassle (something else that can't be said about the ak-74). but still who would buy it? NOW lets say .222 ammo was $150/case, probably lots of folk would be interested then. so in short , YES it is all about the price of ammo.
  4. +1 The ONLY positive point for the 5.45x39 is the availability of cheaper surplus ammo ($150/case but corrosive). once this surplus ammo is gone this caliber and the guns it is chambered in will be completely pointless besides maybe in a collection for novelty sake.
  5. I have seen a couple at gunshops lately for @ $400 also. The frenzy seems to be subsiding and soon I think the 308's will be back @ $300, which I think is about what they are really worth, IMHO.
  6. Every thing was a little different a year ago, didn't have the Chairman yet.... you aint kidding about that, sad thing is, all the price gouging was NOT the big O's doing, it was our gun industry from the manufacturers right down to the gun shop owners. They did with their greed what O couldn't even dream of doing with microstamping of ammo or per gun surcharges.
  7. HOLY COW !!! :blink: Seriously a little over a year ago I bought 2 saiga 308's and a saiga 223 for that much for ALL THREE!
  8. +1 When building my 74 pistol I at first had soft but reliable ejection, but not strong and flingy like an AK. So I got the bright idea to "fix" it. I drilled the gas hole through the barrel out only .008 bigger. Now I had strong forceful ejection, but also my carrier was now hitting my rear trunion hard enough to mar it, trigger slap where there was none before. So I ended up having to put an extra power recoil spring and a recoil buffer to "fix" the "fix" that wasn't needed in the first place.
  9. my promags (10), correct saiga ones with "bullet guide" molded on the mag, have held up well. They have not broken and they work flawless for me. one of my promags probably has close to 1K out of it without any misfeeds or breakage of any kind, and no deformed rounds. If your mag broke on the first round chambered, you either got a couple bad mags or it is your gun that is "out of spec". I have seen ak's that the same mag varies in seat height as much as 1/8 of an inch from one gun to the next. Just my $.02
  10. thanks for mentioning that ebay one, I was looking at it. Is it adjustable like some of the more expensive ones are? Are you using it on a .308, tried any other rifles? The mount I bought off ebay is not adjustable, I would NOT have bought it if it was, Maybe just me but the old saying about more moving parts and all. I actually have 2 308's, but I use a scope usually only on the one (22"). Mounting on the other 308 (16") it is about an inch to the left at 100 yards. Mounted on my saiga 223 it is an inch high and an inch to the right, and on my WASR10 it is 2 inches low. between the mountings and remountings it holds position very well. The QR makes sure of this, I first bought one of the set screw ones, but have since thrown it in the garbage where it belongs. All in all a great piece of hardware for $19.
  11. I bought a low rise QR side mount off ebay from someone in taiwan for $19 shipped. So far I have @ 1500 rounds fired with it on without any problems. I have also taken it off 2 or 3 times to clean the gun, and it holds zero very nicely.
  12. Gonna venture a guess here.. A universal mag body with modular mag tops to fit various guns... Was I close?
  13. Not trying to be a ad for them or anything , just wanting to let everyone know a good deal I found. they work good in my saiga 223. Link they only have 23 units left in stock.
  14. FBMG empty=6 oz csspecs empty=15 oz A box (20) of 308 ball weighs just about a pound even.
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