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  1. Just got the present from the UPS lady today! It didn't come with the retainer pin, spring etc which is a bummer cause I havn't had luck finding a set yet. Any ideas or alternatives besides soldering the booster in place? Next time I'm at my dads im going to use his hydraulic press to remove the current gb and fs. Seeing as this will be my first time using a press to press anything on an AK... Does anyone have any suggestions on how to go about getting this thing to go on straight without cant? I appreciate all the help you all have been so far.
  2. I read something somewhere about having to turn down the barrel and drill new gas ports? Is that only on the Russian fsb/gb? Also do you know if I can leave the barrel full length when I put it on? Also this doesn't come with the plunger pin and the spring for plunger pin any idea where to find those? Thanks for the help
  3. My IZ240 been converted for awhile but didn't do the gb and fsb on it. I was just wondering if this fsb/gb would work on trying to make a ak105 clone http://www.k-var.com...&cat=290&page=1 I'm not trying to cut down the barrel but leave it full length then get a fake can or I've seen a flash hider that hides the barrel on k-var I believe too. This way I can avoid permantly pinning/soldering one on. Anyway, anyone with some knowledge on this that could chime in I would appreciate it.
  4. I got the very last one Atlantic Firearms sold from the RAA imports about 6 months ago. They ship quickly, last I checked they had some of they had some of the new imports left I'd jump on them before it's to late or the price goes up.
  5. Just finished my first conversion on my second Saiga rifle. I'd say it's at 90% because I need to install a bullet guide and I still want to do the FSB when I have access to a press at my fathers sometime. The overall conversion is pretty straight forward and easy for anyone who is considering converting one themselves. What I did: Tapco Pistol Grip Tapco G2 Single Hook Trigger Krebs Retainer US Piston Bulgarian Plum Furniture(had to file down edges that insert into receiver) Bulgarian Ribbed Dust Cover(Perfect tight fit) Bulgarian Gas Tube(Had to file down the notch at the top of t
  6. Thanks for all the help guys. I'm going to wait til my bullet guide from Dinzag comes in then I will alter my mags. Since I posted this I got a circle 21 brown mag from my brother and 2 tapcos nin the mail from midway. The circle 21 fits extremely well and the tapcos fit well but with a little side to side wobble. Again thanks for all the responses
  7. I find the circle 10's fit extremely tight in mine but they do work. The circle 21's I think fit the best but that my opinion. The Tapcos fit well and work well but have a little mag wobble very slightly.
  8. I'm trying to wrap up my conversion but the only 30rd mag I have is a Circle10 Ak74 mag. It fits real tight. Does anyone else have this problem or is there somethign I have to do to these mags? I got 2 tapcos coming in the mail just to get and I'll try those but mag changes the way it is now will be slow and tough. Anyway let me know if you have a solution. I wanna post pics soon lol.
  9. Just like Classy said a few weeks ago Atlantic Firearms has some. I just ordered one last week and it's going to be at my FFL on Monday. When I spoke with them they didn't have many left so if you want one before the next shipment then pick one up. I paid $400 for mine after shipping. To me not a bad deal to some maybe it is but I wasn't going to wait possibly months for the next shipment to come in. I sure wasn't going to get a CAI after reading their bad rap either. So if you want a 5.45x39 I suggest hurrying up and getting one from Atlantic Firearms.
  10. I'm going to be doing my first conversion on a saiga soon and want to get some parts together to make it happen. I've got a .308 that I havn't converted but just got a 5.45x39 on transit to my FFL that I will be def converting. Few things I'm looking for at the moment. -Tapco PG or any other US made PG -PG Nut and bolt -Tapco polymer stock or any other US made polymer stock. If the price is right I'd really like a Romanian wire folder -Bulgarian lower and upper polymer handguard
  11. just got one on order, gotta get to my ffl and get him to fax in his ffl to get it shipped out tomorrow. cost me $400 after shipping and some bogus 3% non cash bs but whatever. i'd rather spend $400 on a saiga then $400 on a century build. hopefully im as happy with it once converted as i think i will be.
  12. To bad it was like 10 states away lol. I been looking for one for a while now and almost tempted to buy a CIA 74 just cause I want one in that caliber badly.
  13. My brother is about to deploy to Iraq and sold his AR and dumped 16 AR15 30rd mags on me for free. My question is what is required to fit an ar15 mag into a saiga .223. I don't have one yet but if its not to hard I'll pick up a .223 and have a use for these. I looked around the .223 section here and couldnt find anything that says whats involved to fit ar mags. Anyone who uses these in their saiga .223 please let me know whats required and how the performance is. thanks
  14. how much are you willing to pay? i have one with a skeleton stock. other then that its not converted and has never been fired. i have 3 8rd mags as well
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