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    Saiga to AK-103 (everything minus full-auto and folding stock)

    Amazing job Madhatter looks like an SGL21. I wished you live closer to me so you could help me with mine . I gonna attempt to do mine during the next winter hopefully when I have more time, I'll post photos when I'm done.
  2. Henry-Krinkle

    Saiga to AK-103 (everything minus full-auto and folding stock)

    I'm taggin this. Nice build so far, keep it up
  3. Henry-Krinkle

    RPK74 build

    hey guys I just wanted to show off my new RPK build I did. I still need to refinish and add an optic plate. HK
  4. Henry-Krinkle

    First Build

    Nah, I thought about using the Saiga reciever but decided to go for the US DCI reciever.. HK
  5. Henry-Krinkle

    First Build

    Heres my first build. Let me know what you guys think? HK
  6. Mine is from one of my favorite movies.. HK
  7. Henry-Krinkle

    Yeah baby!

    Some of the 7.62x39 and .223s have the hole. I don't know if the RAA ones have them. I think mine is an EAA left over, no demple gosh darn it, but it does have the square hole, so I'll have it together in a snap tomarrow night. I just did not feel like it tonight. Hey topmaul where did you order it from?
  8. Henry-Krinkle

    Yeah baby!

    B-B thanks for the heads up. I just ordered one from them... thanks HK
  9. Henry-Krinkle

    Yeah baby!

    How much are they at Gilberts Indy? Thanks HK
  10. Henry-Krinkle

    Yeah baby!

    yea hook a brother up on how you got those dimples? Also where can I get one?? HK
  11. If you can get your hands on a SLR-105 get it rather than the SAR-2 I thinks it's a much better rifle and almost an exact clone of the Russian AK-74 series.. Although the SAR2 is a great rifle I still like the little refinements of the SLR that the SAR doesn't have...Oh btw you know whats cool about owning a 5.45 rifle the semi steel core ammo coming in as of now and the cheap mags.... Here check this mag deal out...... I ordered 2 of these pouches I recieved 4 Russian Izh plums outta the 24 mags.. http://rapidfire.targetweb.net/cgi-bin/sto...xm=on&ppinc=big And heres the SLR-105.. I really love this rifle...
  12. Henry-Krinkle

    Pre conversion checklist help

    Man that's a sweet rifle Cobra.
  13. Henry-Krinkle

    HK pics

  14. Henry-Krinkle

    MY RPK kit

    Ok heres my used RPK-74 kit that arrived friday from ohiorapidfire. I finally got time to post pic's The front site showed alittle wear. The front wood was alittle beat up. Heres my unsuccessful attempt to get a picture of the bore. But the bore had a mirror finish and the channels were crisp. here is the top view I'm very happy with the kit, all the numbers match.
  15. Henry-Krinkle


    heres a video http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4...7737&q=gas+tube HK