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  1. After discovering that screw under the dust cover, a small dead blow hammer can be used to give it a few light taps and it'll pop right off.
  2. Well I've solved that problem, I have a 308 in 22" and a 7.62x39 in 16". I recently got a Tapco T6 stock set for the 308 and of course a "bullet button" to be legal in this workers paradise which is Commiefornia.
  3. Considering the reasonable prices on both compared to the M1A, why not get both? I did
  4. I'd snap up one of those Bushnell's. Eotech makes them. I have one and a regular Eotech 551 and love'm both.
  5. I too am thinking Osama Obama will have a lot on his plate to start out. He is aware of the scrutiny he is under from the 2A community out there. I will still keep my eyes open never the less for ammo deals as my budget will allow. We have a rough 4 years ahead and I still think he will do his darndest to do us harm without making it seem that way. He is a manipulator and a slick talker but his past is there for us all to see.
  6. I've had two SKS and then sold one. The remaining one I have has the Tapco stock and a Leepers quad rail at the front. After I got both of my Saigas I haven't shot it much lately. When I put on the quad mount I think I tightened it too much and maybe put a bind on the gas tube. It doesn't cycle worth a dam now. I put it up in my cabinet and have been using my Saigas to have my 7.62x39 "fun with guns". It started out as a Chinese milled receiver type. I'll try and snap some pics. I may try and tweak it a little over the weekend. The insurgents still uses SKS's over in Iraq today.
  7. Bullet Guide from Dinzag... easy to install and quality product. Heck I'd check out his website for whatever else you may need. That pistol grip looks great but do you want to give away the option of removable mags without having to use a tool? He has links to Tapco for stocks and trigger groups and whatever else to make it 922r compliant. I am also a comrade here in the PRK and i did all that I could without the pistol grip.
  8. I could have sworn I posted a pic of my 308 with the new mini dot mounted on my scope...nope I didn't Here tis
  9. We can do a few things to our Saigas in Kallyfornia. I've done about as much as I can without having a PG. Where did you get yours? I'm also in OC
  10. I saw some of the 10/30 mags at a gun show out here. Are they able to ship to Kommiefornia?
  11. You Tube has some great vids on converting Saigas. I opted to leave my factory stock on the rear but did a few things like a Tapco forearm grip (that everyone seems to hate on this forum..not me) and installed a bullit guide, a trigger group and gas piston which makes it 922r compliant using preban mags that I've had for a while. I didn't want to trade detachable mags for a pistol grip. California Gun laws are extremely Draconian but the same old politicians keep getting voted back in... time to move I guess or vote these bastards out...sorry off topic a bit.
  12. Sentence 2 word "loose" is misspelled. Should be "lose". Sentence 7 word "light light" is incorrect. Should be just "light". Sentence 9 word "he" is misspelled. Should be "the". "BTW, learn to spell." Oh the irony. Damn! Ya beat me to it (Ya is slang in this case)
  13. Sorry my spelling has offended, at the age of 50 it's not likely to improve. But I just noticed the spell check button at the top of the page so I will try and remember to use it, (Provided I can get the download to work). Didn't realize there were English teachers lurking. I do appreciate the advice. Lumox BTW the rude guy that told you to learn how to spell should look up the proper way to spell himself... it won't loose zero, it will lose zero
  14. Green Lasers are great at night. I sometimes mount my Eotech with NVD mounted behind it and I can use the green laser without it blowing out my night vision.
  15. I would like one, too, but it seems they're mostly sold only in California ( no surprise ). There's a switch huh... usually we see "Not for Sale in Calif"
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