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  1. inparidel

    Saiga .223 Barrel Twist & Ammo Questions

    Just FYI. . .both 62 and 55 work real well in the S-.223 (almost the same, which lends to the conclusion that it is close to 1 in 9). I find that match, or my handloads, in 55 gr. work best. "Best" equates to 2 MOA in my S-.233. I hope that helps.
  2. inparidel

    firing pin

    WAG??? PLease interpret. I suspected that a '74 pin MIGHT be able to be modded to work. Have you any real-world inf on that? Thanks.
  3. inparidel

    saiga .223

    Better late than never: From ACE LTD.
  4. inparidel

    firing pin

    Gentlemen: I don't know if this topic has been done to death or not, but. . .Cobra (buddy) or anyone else: What firing pin on the AK market is a viable replacement for the Saiga .223 pin. I have just found out ( in the middle of a match, no less) that mine is toast and won't strike a primer sufficiently anymore. It is not broken, but after 20,000 + rounds and many, many won matches, the pin is worn out and too short to properly strike the primers. PLEASE anyone let me know of a source for the pins, or a substitute, even if some filing is required. Thanks much.
  5. inparidel

    Weiger Magazines

    Stick with your Orlites. The Weigers require your mag latch to be ground. Some folks grind just enough to get the Weigers to fit, which leaves them with loose (but functional) Orlites.... Have fun. Slightly wrong. The mag catch stays as is, but either the mag gets a trim to allow it to fit under the extended bolt lugs (a charming way of making a non-high-cap importable gun), OR grind the aforementioned lugs to what amounts to normal, bulgy or SAR 3 height, which is what I did (the latter) so all my .223 mags fit all my .223 AKs (Romy, Bulgy, Russian, etc.). I have posted pics on this thread so may times, you should be able to dredge them up in threads or my gallery. Enjoy the wondrful world of "conversion" and Americanization (don't forget the 922 parts).
  6. inparidel

    upload pics

    Thanks bro. But I have not exceded the size you mentioned, and I cannot figure out to save my life how to post on photobucket. I have an account, but there is NO link for "upload." So, I can't figure out how to upload without a link. Thanks though. If you can help, please do. Thanks much
  7. inparidel

    upload pics

    Hey, Cobra. . .or whomsoever, I have been trying to upload pics to my own album, but the pics won't upload. It's been a while since I have been on the forum, so. . .is there something I need to do that I didn't a year ago? I click on the "add image" button, the I select the image from my computer, and then, after a bit of a wait, I get a blank page and no image was uploaded. Has the process changed? I apologize for posting this dipzoid post here, but I could not find a link for such problems. Please help. Thanks bros.
  8. inparidel

    conversion why?

    The linkage supported trigger that comes on an "as is" S-12 is really mushy and not conducive to competitive performance shooting such as myself and many people here do. If you just want it for hunting or home defense, then leave it as is, but if you do IPSC and other run-and-gun stuff, you can improve it greatly with a conversion.
  9. inparidel

    Tactical Forend

    If you don't mind a little grinding and fitting, I am working on a rail I modified from a mini 14 rail I had to remove the gas block and gas tube, then fit the gas tube inside the rail by grinding out an area for the site block to fit into, and the end of the rail for the cover to fit under as well, then leave the gas tube in the rail, slide them both on and refit the gas block. Its on and off with the gas block a few times but for a hundred dollar rail , I like it I am also thinking of using an old scope ring to clamp the front of the rail to the gas piston area I 'm trying to decide where to trim the over hand off, probably just above the rear of the safety at an upward angle to make it easier to install the bolt CAA makes a similar deal that is made for an AK. It will also need fiddling with, but being that it's made for AKs, it may need about the same amount that standard AK forends need as done by Cobra and others here. The only hook it that the CAA, AK forend & full rail costs about $400. If the Mini-14 deal is much cheaper, then, go with that.
  10. inparidel

    sKott's Saiga 12-C Conversion

    It's fine to remove any marks except the serial number. So far, so good man! She's coming together nicely. You may want to do some research on that forward latch. The S-12 is different where the trunnion and magwell area is concerned. From what I understand, it doesn't just drop right in, you have to do some custom work on the latch itself. There is a thread about that somewhere in here with good pics and details. Cobra: What's up guy? I hope all is OK with you. Long time no visit the site, but. . regarding your response to this guy. . .I am pretty near completely certain that the importer MUST be on a gun that has been imported. That's why it's on every gun of any kind that has been imported. The BATFE would like to know from whence the thing comes. The SN and the importer are pretty much carved in stone as far as I have seen/heard/researched. Later dude.
  11. inparidel

    Magwells for Saiga-12, stick mags and drums!!!!

    Well I wasn't going to mention it just incase someone else was working on one but staying low key about it. I thought it might help give me an edge. This is one of the improvements I was talking about. Not saying I'm a step ahead of ya, just stepping with ya! Got you boys covered. Any other hints what comp guys might like. I think I have it all covered but you never know. OOPS, guess I goofed on that one, but your right it will be a selling point. There are after market funnels for ARs and pistols, having one on a shotgun just makes sense. It's no problem and not a big deal. like you was saying the concept has been used over and over and It wasn't like you exposed a secret or anything like that. The flare will make a big difference in the amount of side to side off ness you can be. I had mentioned the flare to 1911 and Kmoore and they both seemed to think it was the ticket as well. I am very excited about the magwells! Mike: Please indulge me if this has been addressed before, but. . .to make the AGPs or factory mags work in your well, does the front mag hook/tab need to be removed, and what else, such as various ridges, needs to be removed? Thanks
  12. Tony: I just had a chance to seew one of these new things used at a local IPSC rifle/shotgun match this past Tues eve. Interesting critter, Tony. I have a few questions: First, what size are the barrel ports, and is there any formula/reason for where on the barrel they are drilled? Is any particular ammo, with respect to powder burning speed that would be preferred, or determine where you drilled the ports? Second. . .I like the charging handle addition so it can be charged by the left hand easily (for us righties). Third: the comp/brake on the muzzle. . .how would you stack it up against the Shark in terms of efffectiveness? Also, is it much heavier than the Shark (which I have on mine)? Fourth: the amount of metal you removed from the bolt to allow easier closed-bolt mag changes seems like alot. It does aid in mag changes, but. . .any reason I should be worried about magnum loads or other stress issues? Lastly: The guy that owned the gun also had a mag-catch extension that I am not sure is on the one shown here. I have one comment FYI for future mods on what seems to be a fine (AND FAST!) S-12: The mag catch extention seems to have been welded/brazed on the forward side of the mag catch. That created a problem for the guy when he tried to run the Wraithmaker drum in the gun. The problem is that the WM drum top would not clear the extension due to the additional tab of metal. The owner said that he plans too buy a WM and grind the front tab/hook on the drum to get it past the catch extension. I mentioned to him that that might result in some forward and backward slop, but he wants to do it anyway. We are in South Florida, and I suspect thhat you probably have not sold many of these new things down there yet, so, you may even have an idea who this guy is. Perhaps you and he need to chat. But. . .all in all, a very interesting AND FAST (can't mention that enough) piece, Tony. Please address my questions when you get a chance. Thanks in advance.
  13. inparidel

    Not to stir a hornets nest, but this should be a simple yes/no

    Like the other guys said. . .you wanted a simple yes or no. . .YES, that Russian stock and PG IS good for a pound (that's five years for those not familiar with the prison vernacular) in the Fed Pen. It is a collection of MORE than ten total imported parts, and therfore enittles you to be bought for a carton of cigarettes by your new husband, Bubba, in the fed pen in West Va.
  14. inparidel

    new S-.223 baby kicks butt at match

    THANK YOU so much!!! I am glad that you recognized the camo as what I intended: Flectar. I have an extended post on how I did the Flectar on the S-12 forum (where I did an S-12 in the same pattern of camo) that explains the process point for point. If you can't find it, I may re-live the explanation again. But, THANKS much for the compliment, and noticing that its my version of Flectar, again!!! Here's her new appearance after got my quad rail for her. I have some OD green low-profile "ladder" type rail covers coming real soon. But until then. . .here she is, in all her sexy beauty!!!!