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  1. Nice job Heath glad it didn't turn out worse than it did. I agree that a bat to the knees while maybe effective would no doubt have gotten you a one way ticket to court in a lawsuit. You must be fairly close to me as you mentioned the Kazoo gazette. I live in Scotts, Mi in Kazoo County.
  2. I got my Cannon safe from TSC for $499.00 on sale a couple of weeks ago. It's a 24 gun safe fire rated to 1200* for 30 minutes. It weighs 450 lbs empty. They have very good warranties also.
  3. Hey what made you decide to join the forum? We had alot of guys from here that would occasionally play BOP's together but they all kind of fell by the wayside. I have played more with your group now. Welcome to the forum. Now we got to get you a S-12 LOL. Check out the section on the MKA1919 I might get one of these also.

  4. I bet nobody noticed the little Chuppacabra in the bottom of the pic did they?
  5. While my Beretta PX4 Storm compact is fairly new to me it fits my hand very well and it's very comfortable for me to shoot and the ammo is still fairly cheap and plentiful. I can put 18+1 in it with the 15 round mags and the 3 round extender for a flush grip fit also. I have a couple .357 Colt trooper revolvers also but they are slightly hard to conceal and alot heavier to carry around all the time. I have found I also shoot the Beretta very well.
  6. I would wear pink in support of breast cancer. I would think most people by now should know that pink symbolizes breast cancer support and that the rainbow symbol is associated with the gays. Have ya ever heard real men wear pink ? I see it commonly guys wearing pink dress shirts or polo shirts here in Michigan some of them even older gentlemen with their wives. So while I would maybe not wear pink slacks I would probably wear a nice polo or dress shirt of that color and would certainly not have a problem wearing one of the bracelets. Heck we even have pink breast cancer garbage bins in our ne
  7. I'm mostly caucasion but have some Native American blood in me as well my great grandfather was a Chief of a tribe here in White Cloud, Michigan and moved the tribe to Indiana. My Father was of Norwegian descent my Mother is from Native American and Irish bloodlines. I am a Christian raised up in Evangelical Assembly of God church. I served in the Army and while I hate what our government has become I love our great country and the ideas that founded it.
  8. Hot in Cleveland is a very funny show so is Mike and Molly .
  9. What channel is it on I watched it faithfully and recorded it to my DVR and still have it set to record but it hasn't done so for about a year now. I kept hearing it was coming back but that they were taping shows. It might be a channel that Dish network dropped. I'll try a search but my DVR is set to record new episodes.
  10. I watch it and think it's an alright show not great but gun entertainment so it can't be all that bad. Anything that gets the public thinking that guns might be good to have around is ok with me. We see these shows as entertaiment and enjoy seeing guns as we're all very interested in guns.The general public though may be on the fence or not really see a real purpose to possess guns might say " hey if something along these lines ever took place it sure would be nice to have a weapon ". So it provokes thought about the pros of owning guns. Win win I say.
  11. Glad to hear it turned out ok and you're fine. I had a similar incident a few years back. I was at my sons baseball game and the weather was very bad very dark clouds moving in quickly. Well the little league officials told everyone to head for safety as a Tornado was reorted not far away then the sirens went off just seconds after. We got into my F-250 Super Duty diesel (heavy truck) and headed for home. I had my son and daughter in the truck as well as a couple of their friends the wind was blowing so hard it was almost rocking my truck up onto 2 wheels. Well the rain was coming very hard an
  12. Mine has got to be when my daughter was born. She as my son was 2 years before born breech (as I was myself must run in the family) except she had the cord rapped around her throat and she wasn't breathing when they kept trying to get her to. The nurses took her immediately out of our sight and worked on her for what seemed like hours but was really just minutes. By the grace of God she started breathing and turned out to be a healthy little girl. My second was when I heard my father had a massive coronary as I knew from my grandfather that was not a good thing. He pulled through it very well
  13. Sure look like Fal's man I'd give my left nut for a few of those. At my age I only need one nut anyway LOL.
  14. We all have to go sometime but he will be missed. I watched that show as a kid with my dad and throughout my adult years it was great family entertainment for sure. Man as I get older I am watching all the celebs from my time pass away and it really sinks in how time moves so fast. I can remember those days as if it was yesterday but it was over 40 years ago. We just lost another good guy so RIP Jim.
  15. Happy Birthday guys !! 28 is a great age to be at but 50 ain't bad either I still enjoy the same things I did back then problem is I just can't seem to do much of them anymore LOL. My mind is still young it's just the body that isn't what it used to be. Hope you both have a great day enjoy a cold one (or two) and best B-day wishes.
  16. Tom glad to hear your back out and hope and pray you get better real soon. Are you getting shots in the stomach for the clot? Last summer I had to have 2 shots every morning for 5 days but I didn't have a clot as it turned out it was an infection that almost resulted in me losing my left leg. Wish you the best and get well soon.
  17. I have a Primary Arms micro dot on my Ar and it has been very reliable. I don't have a cowitness set-up yet as my AR was the Smith & Wesson M&P15 OR. I am going to get some cheap BUIS though. I like the micro dot so much I'm seriously considering buying 2 more for a couple of my other rifles.
  18. Looks like fun guys , I'll keep checking here to see when your next meet is. I would like to come and I know my son would just love it also. I'm from the Kalamazoo area.
  19. I only played a couple games all weekend just had too much other stuff going on and I'm just really bored with BLOP's anyway. I have been mostly playing combat training when I get on and have been having fun trying different things like using only pistols,ballistic knife,and tomahwks. I have also been going 1v1 on veteran and went 1 against 9 yesterday on hardened and spanked them bots real good. I did jump on last night for about 4 games using the Fal and M14 trying to keep them as my most used weapons and I did alright not outstanding but positive mostly. Also giving the Commando a re-try as
  20. Dan if you're talking about patch 1.08 then yes Xbox got it already so we should see it next month with the Escalation map pack.
  21. Yeah you have to download version 3.61 and also create a new password before you can play.
  22. While I agree that everybody on board should have been allowed to urinate and deficate on his body if they so chose to. The statement I made about our government showing some brains for once was the fact that they didn't allow any shrines to be built for him by his followers by dumping his carcass out at sea. They did mention that they were trying to fulfill the 24 hour requirement of burial but spent most time saying the burial at sea was to make sure there was no way there could be an earthen burial that could be made into a shrine.
  23. Yeah when I hard they had dumped him into the ocean I was very skeptical but now I understand why they did it for once our gubmint might have showed some brains in their forethought.
  24. Nice video man and nice looking weapons also I keep thinking I need to put wood furniture on my Saiga 7.62 cause man it's so puuuurdy.
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