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  1. Mike, I just sent you an e-mail in regards to shipping to Guam. Could you add Guam as one of your shipping options on the drop down list of states on your website?
  2. Did it come painted black like that or did it come unfinished and you painted it yourself?
  3. Hey guys, I've been stocking up on some 12ga Winchester SuperX (rabbit & squirrel) #6, 2 3/4", 1oz., 3 1/4 DR. EQ. ammo (box of 25). I looked through my older inventory of ammo of SuperX and they are brass rimmed (high brass?). The newer ones I have recently bought (same brand & specs) are low brass (silver). I don't recall shooting any of the low brass (silver rimmed) SuperX through my S12. Have any of you guys noticed this change? Should I set the gas setting on #1 to shoot the #6 (rabbit & squirrel) SuperX high brass on my S12 or just set it at #2?
  4. Which is generally better in a 19" S12 in regards to reliability? 3 or 4 gas ports? Do all the newer 19" model S12s have only 3 gas ports? My older 2001 S12 has 4 gas ports. Are the 3 gas ports in the newer models drilled out bigger or are they the same size as the 4 gas port models? I'm going to be picking up a new S12 soon.
  5. Thanks! I didn't know Cobra76 made his own DIY trigger guards. I will look into it.
  6. Is this a modified ACE product or is it a different manufacturer? I know ACE's receiver block has a cut out that secures to the pistol grip nut from the inside. I would use the ACE receiver block but I don't plan to cut out the bottom of my receiver for a pistol grip nut. I will be using a Saigatech or Tac-47 Industries DIY trigger guard for a traditional AK grip.
  7. Link doesn't seem to be working. Let me try here. My link
  8. I've been kinda out of the loop sometime so forgive me if this question has been asked before. Has anyone ever used this receiver block? Does ACE make this? I noticed the two bolts on the side. Does it bolt on from the outside of the receiver once the shoulders of the rivets are drilled out and the pistol grip conversion has been done? Does it also bolt from the other side?
  9. jsp

    Quad rail

    I have a UTG quad rail for my WASR10. My Larue Tactical FUG would not fit and my Magpul XT rail covers do not sit flush on the rails which causes the rail covers to flare out. The rail is not in spec. I will upgrade to an Ultimak later. I'm not too sure about UTG's quad rail for the S12 but I'll pass.
  10. If I have a brand new un-converted S12 with a threaded muzzle and I want to use a magazine in excess of 5 rounds (AGP or Surefire 10/12 round mag), would I be 922R compliant? Would I need to add any US parts to the S12 if I am just using a US brand "high capacity" mag and shooting it with the conventional sporting stock?
  11. jsp

    My S12 BUILD

    That's gonna be a nice looking stock once it is all smoothed out and painted. Nice job!
  12. Does CGW warranty all Saiga 12s regardless of where or whom it's purchased from?
  13. Because there's a bigass cross member right in front of the hammer pivot axis? Thanks guys. This cross member is only found in the S12s. You'll see it when you open the gun up. Thanks guys.
  14. Yes you can reuse your factory hammer spring or use a jt engineering spring. If you plan on making a slot for the bho then you will need to make a slight bend on the right spring leg on either spring to clearance for the lever. I used a tromix modified fcg. Drop in easy. No other mods needed. If you don't plan on cutting the bolt hold slot then just buy the standard tapco g2 and you could always run a krebs modified safety lever. For the barrel threading, I believe one of the vendors rent out the materials to do it yourself If he doesn't have a BHO lever or BHO spring, why would he want t
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