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  1. I have one from his first run, not sure if he made any changes since. Settings of 0-1-2-3. Originally my gun was not 100% on target loads when on setting 1 (nor did I expect it to be as that isn't the intention). I believe it did fine on setting 2, but didn't shoot much variety of target loads before replacing it. Irregardless, I did want to go between different loads without needing to tool adjust. So I ultimately purchased Gunfixr's item because I really liked the idea of finger adjustability. However, I also believe it helped significantly with operation as I use setting 2 to cycle all 3 Wa
  2. I too have done some clay shooting with my converted 19". Kreb's sights did help with accuracy over the stock parts, though I'm hoping to get more range capability with my recently added slotless polychoke (otherwise, yes, you need to be quick before they are out of range). Main gripe....range rules...1 shell loaded per clay, which meant 2 in the gun for me. I certainly was fumbling around a lot, and was skipped several times in rotation because of it. Even with four 5 round mags at my disposal, this was still a problem. Both guys I was shooting with had tube fed guns and found this one fla
  3. I've got the CAA on my S12. It was a set of the tube and stock together (though I believe both are available separately). At the time (this past summer) I found the CAA set for the same price as the VLTOR tube alone. The CAA stock does have ambi QD mounts front and rear as well as a regular 1.25" sling loop at the bottom rear (removable). Though I don't recall for sure, I was thinking that the CAA tube was also of mil-spec dimensions, though as I said, I don't recall for sure. The CAA stock is a bit cluttered IMO, with a battery compartment (4xCR123's) with door on one side and short picatinny
  4. CAA and VLTOR are about the only options for a collapsable stock with aluminum tube and direct drop-in installation. I have the CAA and it seems a very solid piece. Stock has a thick butt pad which helps further reduce recoil. Other than it being a bit "busy" (cr123 storage with door on one side and short picatinny rail on the other). The batteries do fit snuggly eliminating noise from movement, something which is hard to avoid with the pistol grip and vertical grip storage spaces. I also belive the stock tube to be of mil-spec dimensions, but perhaps someone else can confirm this. Fitting
  5. The safety levers with integrated BHO totally slipped my mind! Thanks for the memory jog. Though I may actually try trimming the stock piece first to see if that cures the problem. Thanks again
  6. I've noticed in the few times I've had my S12 out since it's purchase, that I occasionally bump the BHO with my trigger finger when firing more rapidly. I assume it has something to do with recoil causing a shift that causes it to contact my finger. While being very handy if it happens after the last round.......I'm unable to control when it happens. Is there a solution to this? Are the BHO's sold in the store of "lower" profile so as they do not protrude as much into the trigger guard area? Any other thoughts that don't require relocating the BHO all together? TIA, blackplag
  7. that would have been my thread, and I too, had wondered where it went...I had spent a good chunk of time writing it up . I wasn't trying to advertise (it's not my product and I have no affiliation with the seller other than the purchase of one of his products), but if it came across that way, then I apologize. It was the concept that was the point of the thread (along with some other conversion tidbits from my personal experience). I also mentioned Tromix's upcoming DIY guard, and certainly was not pitting the two against eachother, nor praising one over the other. I couldn't care le
  8. I'm posting this for two reasons, first, because it would benefit me if I was just starting my S12 conversion, and second, because there's a forum member with a product that . I picked up a Saiga 12 at a local gun show mid April, and did so with the full intention of converting it from it's native "sporter" set up. Of the entire conversion process (which I researched on these very forums), the one thing that had me somewhat apprehensive, was that I would need to remove the trigger guard from the plate for reuse, and also cut a hole for the pistol grip nut. I'm certainly no stranger to m
  9. I just want to give props to skiboatsp, as I received my steel trigger guard yesterday. I was very pleased with the construction, and installation was a breeze. Definitely worth the investment, as it has to be as strong or stronger than any alternative, and it looks the part to boot. Communication was good, and shipping was done promptly. Thanks for a solid product, blackplag
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