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  1. Wakal

    Ft Benning 3 gun

    Three of us from west Texas will be running Dreadnaught Industries Saigas at the match. I suspect that Taran Butler will be shooting "Tactical" again (instead of running his Dreadnaught Saiga in Open) because, as he puts it, the Open prize table sucks ass (compared to Tactical) Alex
  2. Wakal

    DeyArmigeddon has BEGUN

    No, it isn't...the gas system is moved back. The barrel is 18 at the "adjustable" part of the Savage choke system (at the muzzle end of the slots) Alex
  3. Wakal

    This S-12 has Potential

    Yes, but it really isn't recommended. The 12 gauge is running at such low pressures that unless you set the comp close to the chamber, the gas isn't enough to "run" the baffles effectively. It will work with regular gas, but it won't do as much (now, a 24" barrel seems to work pretty well with regular gas and a comp, as the pressure curve is longer due to the long-ass barrel). However, short gas with a comp is the way to go...David's gun is a prototype with a really short barrel with that expansion chamber/Polychoke combination welded on to make up the 18" overall length. Cool looking gun, IMO Alex
  4. Wakal

    got a S&W 29-3

    4" 29-2 and 8 3/8" 29-4. Also a vintage 28, and a heavily modified 625. I like N-frame Smiths A
  5. CMMG's other product lines are selling well, and why blow all the R&D on something that may get a "DD" rating (and leave you with a ton of unmovable product)? Brolin imported a mag fed shotgun with a gas sytem and bolt system that looks very similar to the gun in this thread. I know Tony experimented with 'em a bit, and Fred and I did as well. Pretty cool, but not quite right (compared to a Saiga). In AR configuration, though A
  6. Talked to the CMMG folks at SHOT...they are not doing the 12 gauge project. Oddly enough, their DPMS pattern 308 lower (for G3 magazines) is the perfect size for a "drop free" cut Saiga mag. Interesting. Looking at the gun "exploded" in this thread...does anyone else look at the innards and think "Brolin Arms"? Alex
  7. Damn, that sounds like fun! Alex
  8. I was planning on competing, but it looks like I'll be in Asscrackistan playing games with the SF types. Mmm...Deuce and Mk19 pre-deployment training...the horror Alex
  9. Lets see...my first (and last with my own money) story was years ago when I sent one of the Vulcan pistol uppers back for work three times. Finally got sick of dealing the asshats and learned how to properly build 7" AR's. Got me into the whole AR game, so that actually was a plus (laughs). Had two customers with two rifle kits each (total of four, for those counting at home) came by the shop for my usual "building AR's for bozos" class (also known as "...you bring some parts and then build your gun and avoid paying excise tax" class) three or four months ago. All four hammers were not finish machined before being Parkerized and assembled. All four uppers did not have the plunge cut for the charging handle detents. Yeah, they are cheap. Sometimes they even work. I'm no expert with AR's, and I'm no big (or big name) shop, but I did (looking at my records) build just over 700 last year. I recognize AR parts two out of three times Alex
  10. Wakal

    Race Guns!!!

    Ah, the facts...they get in the way of every Texas Star discussion... Yeah, one of a kind...interesting that Mike of MGM also makes a "one of a kind design" Texas Star and was man enough to call the orgininal Texas Star designer, Terry, and talk over what was going on. Terry has been getting phone calls for years to fix those "damn fucked up no-working Stars" that turns out to be...well, not Terry's or Mikes Odd, that. Still, business is business. I figure folks spends their money and takes their chances, but everyone should know some facts up front with who (or what) they are dealing with Alex
  11. Easy enough to set up your own stop at just the right spot to clear the trigger without wasted movement Neat stuff! Alex
  12. Wakal

    Race Guns!!!

    Robert likes to rip off other people's work...Texas Stars, mag wells, comps, AR grip adapters, the idea for a side-release mag well...also, I've advised on several repairs of guns he sold customers, just to make them work reliably. Odd that, since my guys spent many hours on the phone teaching Robert how to make Saigas function, as has Jack T and others Douggie boy has been trolling around on other boards as a shill for Robert; he just hasn't been busted on this one for pimping Yeah, we built Taran Butler's new Saiga. Taran didn't like the Tromix gun, and broke Jack's gun. Our guns run, so he had us build one. It ran. If he hadn't tried "boonie-pack" magazines, he would have done better than fourth at the '09 USPSA Nationals There is brand new Saiga system in work right now, as a result of a team of like-minded folks (several of whom are regulars here). It is like nothing else, and actually works...cuts in a plastic magazine that index on a metal tab, well, not so much (for long), nor does magazines with most of the front edge cut off. Paint is one thing, functionality is another Alex
  13. Wakal

    Saigas in Action!

    Wow...those "R&R Trolls" posting the same stuff on yet another board...funny stuff Alex
  14. Wakal

    Race Guns!!!

    Wow...Robert's "R&R Trolls" hit yet another thread in yet another board Alex
  15. Or, here in the real world instead of rainbowfantasyunicornfart-land, gun-proof your children instead of wasting your time trying to child-proof your guns. Teach your kids what guns are and what they do, and go from there. You can't wrap the crumb-munchers in bubble wrap and good intentions and then expect them to be OK when you are not around. Teach 'em to do the right thing, and it is like you are always around. Anything else is...Pelosi-ish... Not all guns need to be loaded all the time, but all guns should be treated as if they are loaded Alex