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  1. Get a wider pattern on that buckshot and shoot lefty for a while. Bad guys wont know the difference .
  2. I have shot thousands of rounds of .40 wolf through my Glocks without a hick-up. At one of the first point shooting courses that came out, I burned through almost 1000 rounds of wolf .40 through my G23 in a weekend - without cleaning. Most glock owners are like AK owners; they don't have a favorite training ammo, just whatever is cheapest.
  3. This is what I do. simple and works. Unless you get a good deal on a go / no-go set.
  4. The "Fudds" at some of the ranges are just as ignorant as the "fudds" that own many of the gun stores. Most of these fools get their information from ignorant law enforcement that they know. I would stop shooting there. Those are the types of idiots who would call the cops to report an "illegal" gun. The cop he calls, you know - the one that thinks AKs are illegal, will waste more of your time and patience than what its worth. I avoid folks like that, from experience.
  5. Ditch the cardboard spacer and just tape one magazine upside down, or sandwitch an upside down mag betwween 2 upright mags. Dark colored duct tape rules.
  6. Good points with the multi-caliber argument, well thought out. But my issue with the AR system is mainly one of trust, even though I own 8 examples of the system and they run nicely. My wife and I do alot of carbine classes and 3-gun shoots and see a large percentage of ARs go down, especially in some of the longer carbine classes when mud is an issue. You see broken bolts, firing pins, extractors, bolt carriers, numerous jams/FTF, bad magazines etc. in almost every class. Ive even watched one famous AR "guru" at Gunsite break his bolt carrier during a class, right after explaining how re
  7. I have 2 rifles chambered for 5.45x39. To put it mildly, I have been less than impressed with the performance of this round. Other than almost zero recoil, this round has no advantages over 7.62x39 or 223 for its intended purposes. I'm sure that 5.45 does leave a nasty wound that results in a slow painful death (the "poison bullets" of Afghanistan), but that is the opposite of what I want. I train on a private range set up way off the beaten path where we enjoy shooting up cars and various other things. Seeing is believing, and I am a believer in the 7.62x39 cartridge for all work in
  8. I push the firing pin forward (so it peeks through the bolt-face and prevents crud from going into the hole) and clean the bolt faceand under the extractor claw with a dry Q-tip. If you shoot corrosive ammo, you must ALWAYS thouroughly clean the bolt face (swab with Q-tip dipped in soapy water, then wiped with dry Q-tip). There is always crud and metal shavings on the bolt face, so I always clean it. Just remember to never oil the bolt face or firing pin.
  9. Awesome! I did not know that you shipped to Cali.
  10. I just dremeled the BG to fit around the rivet. It only took a few minutes.
  11. Nothing but a full FCG exchange will help the pull. With Dinzags' "no mods" FCG parts, you still have that awful Rube Goldberg linkage (which is responsible for the sh****y pull). Not to start shit in any way shape or form; but I had put a dinzag modded tapco fcg in a stock saiga and it improved the trigger pull significantly. I don't have the two side by side to tell you exactly how much better one is over the other, since I ultimately went to full PG conversion. Full pg makes mag changes easier and allows you to balance the rifle better with one hand durring those mag changes.
  12. * Steel Eastern European mags have worked flawlessly for me in everything. * I have have several Chinese steel mags that do not function well. I don't buy these anymore. YMMV * Circle 10 bulgy waffle mags are tough, but I have had several that needed some breaking in before they functioned 100% and have never seen one break - these are the best polymer mags for the AK. * I have had 2 of the Bullet pattern polymer Bulgy mags break, so I can not recommend them. * American made AK mags are a waste of money. Don't trust your life to these. Congratulations on your purchase of a SGL20, the
  13. One Source Tactical has 30 rounders right now for a pretty decent price. These are great mags once you break them in.
  14. there was a quantity of unissued Polish furniture on the market last year. Its dried up now.
  15. Check with Bvamp or Vankiller from Cadiz Gun Works as they sell to CA residents and are supporting business members of the forum. I agree with this, if you can find an FFL in LA (LA has a way of driving out FFLs that deal in such things). $699 is a rip-off for a standard x39. If you can't do the above and don't mind driving a couple hours to the conservative stronghold of Kern County, our local stores (2nd Amendment sports and Ten Percent Firearms) usually stock them. Call first to find out. You should get it in time to take the "saiga rifle gunfighting" class in LA put on by Suarez
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