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  1. TTR

    Conversion help

    Yes that one.. Thanks for the reply.
  2. TTR

    Conversion help

    I am seriously thinking about purchasing a .308 Saiga. My question is can I re-use the original stock and buy a basic conversion kit. Also, which is the best conversion kit? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. TTR


    I went the trust route. Sent in a form 1 for an SBR Draco mini. Thanks for helping me make the decision.
  4. TTR


    Thanks for the help everyone.
  5. TTR


    I'm new to NFA and I want to start out with an SBR. My question is do I open a trust? Open an LLC or just get the Sheriff to sign off. Which would be the best way to go? Thanks.
  6. http://store.carolinashooterssupply.com/servlet/-strse-171/ACE-SAIGA-FOLDING-MECHANISM/Detail?sfs=7d1e68ec got it now Thanks for looking
  7. Thanks I did that.. They are out of stock...
  8. Found one... Thanks for looking..
  9. Thanks for the info Mike.. I've searched everywhere and no one has any.. I was hoping I could find a used one.. Maybe the fuckwad will sell me one.. lol
  10. wtb push button folding stock mechanism with sling loop.
  11. TTR

    Polishing bolt on 20 ga.

    Thanks for the info.. Im going to contact Cobra when I'm ready to take the 20 apart. I really think I'll do everything Cobra offers. 12 gauge too.
  12. TTR

    Polishing bolt on 20 ga.

    The bolt looks a little differant on the 20 ga. Not as much material it seems.. Anyone polish the bolt on a 20? Thanks
  13. TTR

    how do i polish the bolt?

    I went out and bought a dremel kit today and did my 12 gauge tonight. I followed the directions in this post and it made it a breeze. Thanks guys.. I will test fire it in the next week or so to see if the shotgun still works I'll let you know... If it works fine I will do my 20 gauge.
  14. TTR

    best after market puck ?

    Thanks guys
  15. My 20 gauge does not cycle low brass. Cycles everything else fine. Send me one. Thanks