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  1. Thanks for your input. Ill try that idea, its a good one. Im sure i have a spring laying around my tool bench. Yes, im told its a 3v system so the two 1.5v D357/303 button cells should equal out. I love this scope, it is by far the best one i have ever gotten my hands on. Well besides the battery issue.
  2. No one here has there two cents to throw in? Not a good sign. It works so its not a huge deal i just know the ball of aluminum foil wont meet mil spec. LOL
  3. Does anyone know anything about the PSO-1M2 model scope? It came in on an 1994 Tigr. Am i using the correct batteries 1.5v D357/303? Also known as LR44 and many other names. From what i have read on the internet that is the right kind of battery, it said to use two 1.5v D357 stacked to make 3v. An old friend of mine said it may take a 3v photo battery but i have no idea. When i close the battery compartment there is a bit of space so there is no connection. I already checked and cleaned all contacts, and stretched the cap spring out to make sure it was extended fully. I just placed a new 3v re
  4. I received my package yesterday June 15th at 9:30am. I ordered more then planed because there is no where else to find this stuff. Here is what i ordered. 2 RED 3V bulb for PSO/POSP Scopes 1 POSP Safe Bag for POSP/PSO 4x24 & 6x24 Rifle Scopes- Mounted scope cover/case 2 POSP Illumination Switch Rubber Cover I was impressed with the speed they showed up. After the new bulbs got here i placed one in the scope. It dint work... So i emailed Scott he said to review the PDF doc he gave me. Checked and cleaned all my connections with fine steel wool. I found the battery cap spring loaded
  5. Ok i have not found a replacement bulb from anywhere else for my PSO-1M2. So ima roll the dice, its only 11.97 + shipping. I was going to order more, but i am very glad i read up here 1st. I sent them an email stating i had just got an Tigr with an old PSO-1M2 scope on it. But the electrical system did not work after i had put 2 new batteries in it. He replied with haste and kindness, but when i asked for more info on the scope rather then the bulb he said. "Please try the new bulb and if it does not work, we will look at the problem closer then. Lets hope the bulb fixes your problem...Scot
  6. Yes these guns kick hard, and take your abuse hard. I wanted to restore a firearm cheap. So i went out to my local gun shop and picked up a 91/30 that needed everything but a new stock for 100$ after the paperwork. Barrel was so dark i guessed it was not pitted but had no way of knowing with out taken her home. Gun Smith on sight said it was not safe to shoot in its current shape. other tools needed: One kit by Blue Wonder. Steel wool. SOS pad. A power drill. An old worn out .30 bronze brush. Bottle of Hoppes #9. Gun cleaning stuff everyone should have. I let the barrel soak in
  7. I look at these pics daily, what a beauty. Real work of art. I want to shoot her, then clean her so bad!
  8. Would it be legal to put on a non-converted Saiga 7.62x39 strait off the boat with no work done? I think so but i do not want it if i cant give it to my friend who has just that. Poor bastard only has one 10rd. He never goes shooting, and we all know 10rds wont stop waves of zombies. Also you filed it down just enough so it will fit? I have seen many of over filed mags that the catch broke off. Thanks
  9. "New fad. Carve faces of people you dont like in pumkins, then shoot them."

  10. Grips Showed up today. Great shape not one storage scratch or ding i can find. I will install it soon as my woman wakes up and i can get to my gun safe lol. Cheers Tw4 P:S ima give you a good review if you could do the same for me that would be great. Thanks.
  11. As long as your not clamming all the tools and paint on your taxes as a job related right off and there are no fellans your doing work for i would not worry about it.... Of course after 9/11 everyone wants to point fingers at everyone... Guns, if you own a gun you must be a bad gun right?..... So Sad, I hope we do not go the way of Europe. A bit of advice if you do not have insurance that would cover some kind of mishap then you should have everyone sign a waver/contract stating that you were not paid for your services and they borrowed your tools to do the work, you merely over saw the use of
  12. This might be the tremendous answer to the S12 old question. What mag will stand up to the test of abuse, time and combat conditions. Wile still being compact and realistic to carry 6 of them on body. All i hope is the zombie apocalypse comes after the field testing of my 1st batch i order. No rush though, im very excited about this project but it wont be as easy as a plastic mold, with all the different depth magwells. Id plan to sell alot of these if they work as well as planed. Good Luck Cam, and PS: put me down for 6 rock n locks.
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