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  1. Sold. Please feel free to delete. Thank you.
  2. Yes, it is marked for FA on the receiver but no "fun" switch.
  3. BTT with price drop to $2,000.00. After this week it'll go to Gunbroker.
  4. This is cross-posted: Custom built Galil SAR by Jeff Miller (“Tenngalil” on the forum). Rifle has the extended flash hider attached to bring the barrel up to legal length. Receiver is an Orf (IMI spec including hardness which is proof stamped on the receiver) and has Hebrew markings, including IDF logo. Barrel is IMI chrome lined. Tritium night sights still have a faint glow. The rifle has had less than 200 rounds through it (that’s a very honest round count!) and functions flawlessly. I’m only selling it in order to fund a long range rifle project. The Rifle comes with the following accessories: - FAB Defense Picatinny Railed Forearm - MSA AR15 Magazine Adapter (fitted & functions perfectly) - 15 35 Round Steel Galil Magazines (in honest excellent to as-new condition) - 1 35 Round Orlite Magazine (in honest very good condition) - 6 50 Round Steel Galil Magazines (in honest excellent condition) - 2 12 Round Steel Galil Magazines (in honest as-new condition) - Hungarian/Romanian? Bolt Carrier, Cerakoted (used to avoid knuckle injury when using the railed forearm) - CAA Finger Grooved Grip - Sling - MagLULA Magazine Loader for AK/Galil Rifle is currently in it's original configuration (original grip and forearm). I really, really, REALLY want to sell this as a package deal so please don’t ask me to break out any of the magazines or accessories. Asking $2,000.00 (No Trades Please) plus actual shipping costs to the FFL of your choosing (unless you live in Washington State, in which case I can do a face-to-face deal). Funds should be in the form of a USPS Money Order for your protection and mine (cash if FTF in state). Additional pictures are available upon request. Feel free to PM me with any questions. First post claiming it followed by PM wins it based on timestamp Rifle: Accessories: Bag is not included.
  5. It's not really unbelievable that the socialist MSM networks are willing to go this far with their propaganda. That reporter is just another kool-aid drinking fool. On another note, the gentleman that was speaking about Lincoln would do well to research things prior to speaking about them. Lincoln was nothing less than a traitor to Liberty. If he was all for Liberty then why didn't he let the South secede peacefully as was their right under the Constitution that created the United States? Anyone wishing to educate themselves on Lincoln can start here or get a copy of Thomas J. DiLorenzo's book "The Real Lincoln".
  6. Washington State has a good sized Campaign for Liberty following and membership. It might be a good starting point for finding "like-minded" folks interested in discussing 2nd Amendment topics and such. Just a thought. Cheers, -T
  7. Just wanted to know if it's ok to apply Brownell's Moly Resin or Gun Kote over Zinc Phosphate (Park). Got a few pieces that are in a buddies shop getting the phosphating done but all he does is zinc (lighter gray in color). I need to use the Brownell's to get a darker color. Any info will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, -T
  8. Unbelievable!!! It's truly amazing to me how these guys can hit the targets without looking through the sites (the two balloons in that video). Same thing goes for the fellow with the slingshot (in a video posted a while back). The skills are incredible!
  9. I just thought the video was cool! I'd like to learn that reload. Do you have any videos that slow it down even more? Oh yeah, as for the supremecist thing: there's absolutely no cure for that kind of ingnorance.
  10. Thanks Mike!!! Class act all the way Just got the email on the gas plug. Had a quick question that I'm sure has a quick answer: Does the new gas plug have some sort of detents for positive engagement at each setting? Thanks for all of the help. Cheers, -T
  11. smitty

    Shipping Status!

    Just received EV-2285. Both drums lock in perfect with no adjustments needed. I'm looking forward to breaking 'em in this weekend! Big thanks to Mike D!!!! Cheers, -T
  12. Karen DeCoster posted at her blog here (read down to the end) that she settled on a Rem 870 because she couldn't find Saiga 12. I thought it was kinda cool that she kenw about the Saiga. Oh, great blog too! Cheers, -T
  13. I've got EV-2285. I'm not gonna let no "waitin' on the UPS man" interupt my beer drinking schedule. I've got plenty-o-time to savor everyone elses excitement and live vicariously through all of the posts of some very stoked people getting their drums. Lookin' forward to some range reports. Thanks for all of the hard work Mike and MD Arms. Cheers, -T
  14. Just ordered 2. Thanks for all of the hard work. I look forward to receiving them when they're done. Cheers, -T
  15. Guido, you are correct sir. "Petey" from the Little Rascals shows and movies was an American Staffordshire Terrier if I'm not mistaken. Beautiful dogs and great diposition. Sadly, as with most everything else, ignorance prevails in our society when it comes to these great and wonderful creatures. BTW, is that you on the bike in your avatar? Killer bike, killer wheelie!
  16. +1,000,000 to Pointer's post! My wife has also been working at WalMart for going on 17 years and they've always done right by our family. I'm also pretty fucking sick-n-tired of hearing everyones opinion about how shitty WalMart is! Here's a pretty simple concept: if you don't like it, don't shop there! I'd love to stay and chat but I've got to drink a big glass of Kool-Aid so I can go acquire some worthwhile (and completely trustworthy) knowledge from the television, radio and the internet! Just keep repeating to yourself "the media is my friend"! Mmmm, don't that Kool-Aid taste GREAT!
  17. Truer words have not been spoke! That bike kicks ass and so do your conversions. Cheers, Tim
  18. That's gonna be my new sig line: "I don't like repeat offenders, I like DEAD offenders". Ted Nugent, 2007 That is absolutely awesome .
  19. That's a sweet looking S-12 there! Just wondering about the ergo pistol grip. I'm not too hip on the SAW grip that I had Tony install. I'd like to add one of those ergos to my saiga. Where'd ya get it and how much? Had it to the range yet? Cheers, -T
  20. Was there ever any doubt? When I'm around they tend not to admit they're from that state as I refuse to hide my disdain. When I was growing up (early 1970's) my parents took me to visit some family friends that had recently moved to San Diego. These folks had a couple of kids that were my age. When they introduced me to all of their "California" friends all the jokes went around about me being from Oregon: "Oh you're from Oregon huh. They still drive covered wagons up there?" Well who's laughing now pal? When I see 'em out at the bar or the taverns I don't hold back. I've managed to single-handedly clear out a bar in Portland by spewing my vitriol concerning these folks and the barman didn't seem to mind one bit (he's another third generation Oregonian). I will say that I've met a few from Northern California that I've become pretty good friends with (my wife, for one) and I'd probably like a few more if they stopped thinking that the world revolved around them and where they came from. If you come here, do us all a favor, leave the crap back home. Ok, rant off, thanks for listening again. -T
  21. Let me guess.... Ms. Markham must've moved to Springfield from Berkley, CA or some other S--T hole down in that Commie state. I can't even begin to tell you (as an umpteenth generation Oregonian and Pacific Northwesterner from Coos Bay) how incredibly crappy life has become since all of these whiners started infiltrating this area (PNW). All we ever hear from them is "Can't do this & Can't do that". Here's a new one - if you don't like it you can shag ass back to place whence you came, and don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out! I've seen a lot of things change for the worse here since the invasion; from the whole spotted owl garbage to this crap. People, if you must move to another state (or even from the city to the country, or vice versa) check out the local customs first. If ya don't like 'em, don't move. For criminysakes, it's the 4th of July and it happens once a year. Sorry for the rant. Thanks for listening. Cheers, -T
  22. Too funny, as that's exactly what I did to purchase my FAL and my Galil. I call it my mad money fund. She doesn't even have a clue about what firearms I own. However, she noticed my S12 when it came back from Tony. "What honey, that old thing................." On another note, I used the same method to save up for a year to buy her a new BMW Motorcycle and another 2 years for a platinum 10th Anniversary ring so it does work both ways. If momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy!
  23. I've got a Honda XR600R that needs to stretch its legs (er...wheels). I've been planning this trip with the wife and a few friends since January so I'm pretty committed. I would like to get together with you folks sometime soon for a shoot though. So you fellows are out of Eugene? I'm originally from Coos Bay and still have several friends in your neck of the woods. Let me know when the next meet is and I'll make every attempt to be there. Best regards, Tim
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