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  1. This thread must be shut down and deleted. The extreme foul language used and personal attacks made are discrediting the forum and anybody associated with it.
  2. Tony, Is it for sale? If yes, please contact me at daviladog@aol.com. Thanks.
  3. Here's the Saiga 20 in action with Dinzag's 10 round 3" Frankenmag. It works well with 3" ammo, but reloading requires practiced technique and significant upper body strength.
  4. Lowammo, I would like to order a couple of adapters for the Saiga 12. Please let me know what I need to do. Thanks.
  5. Are there any still available? If yes, how many and what price?
  6. Hello, Do you still have some available? If yes, how many and what price? Thanks.
  7. Are the 8 rnd 20 ga mags still available? Thanks. Carlos
  8. Can you send pictures of the 20 gauge mags? Thanks. Carlos
  9. Can you send pictures to my address at daviladog@Hotmail.com? Thanks.
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