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  1. Refurbished member here- I don't even show up on the member list though can log in : ) Was a member 5+ years ago but never got around to converting my Saiga 7.62X39, which I purchased for $300. Have added a Royal Tiger AK (also $300 and supposedly US made) and a PSL 7.62X54R to the arsenal. I have 10 US made 30 round mags for the Saiga plus a 10 round and a 5 round, and 10 European 30 round metal mags for the AK. Does it make sense to convert, given the price of replacement mags for the Saiga nowadays? I have searched but cannot find tutorials here on doing the conversion- I'm probably
  2. You're along the same track as me. I settled for a Russian wood stock: 1.7 Wood Furniture for 7.62/.223 New Wood Furniture set specifically for the .223 and 7.62 x 39 Saiga rifles. Made by Izmash and is composed of birch wood which has a smooth grain... $135.00 http://www.saigastock.com/index.php?main_p...4ksdu7df3fktm42 It is very attractive and was easy to install- though did require just a touch of filing. I'm adding the Dinzag trigger (when it finally arrives) and a gas piston (which came right away). I figure the piston can be no more complicated than the trigger group!
  3. I have one I'm not using. Send me a note with what you think it is worth shipped.
  4. Ammoman has 7.62x39 delivered for $299/1000, Natchez has 9mm for $14/50 rounds. Have we reached the tipping point where supply is catching up with demand? Has everybody tapped out either financially or filled their storage space? Are prices going south finally? Would you buy this deal? I know I bought at least one case at $369 delivered so it looks good to me!
  5. Im not calling you a lier bro, but Gunbroker hasn't had an auction close at .25 a round for a long, long time. Maybe you saw an auction that was still active. Sportsman's Guide sent me repeated shipping delays, which I didn't mind. Then, they canceled my backorder- I replied the next day but they said it was too long. I think their price went up and they didn't want to honor my purchase price. I canceled my membership- kick 'em to the curb. Just remember who these merchants are when everything returns to normal. I know who'll get my business- and who won't!
  6. Apparently, at least someone thinks guns and ammo are a good investment! http://blogs.moneycentral.msn.com/topstock...20than%20stocks
  7. The good news is that today Obama indicated during his trip to visit the Mexican president that he would not support an assault gun ban. While this is not because of any change in his philosophy, it is due to his political savvy. Recognizing that he won only by a 6% margin, and many of the people who voted for him are conservative democrats who support gun ownership, Obama recognized the political impossibility of taking the gun issue on. Apparently, Hillary was disciplined for earlier statements about her/husband's agenda to reinstate the ban. Our NRA and pro gun lobbyists have done some
  8. This is probably a silly question, but if you add a bullet guide will the Saiga mags still work?
  9. Checked and Local Academy had Monarch for 5.69 a 20 rd box. It's not bad ammo........Bought 4x 500 rd cases of it there for 74.80ea back in Oct. Would like to see that again. My kids go through it fast! I just checked out sportsmans guide- they're all out of the x39. however, i was able to get 5,000 cci .22's for 249 including shipping. I love plinking those little guys.
  10. Thanks, that makes sense. How does one determine which version the stock will fit? What version is the Saiga?
  11. I recently bought a Keltec sub2000 glock rifle. Folds to 16 inches for easy back pack or under jacket carry. Mine shoots a 4inch pattern at 100 yards. Also uses the same mags as my Glock 26- so I have a small hoard of 33 rounders for either one!
  12. Winter is the best time to work up special loads to try, etc. louielouie I'm interested in reloading handgun and rifle calibers but am confused by the dies and multiple presses and all so wouldn't have a clue about what I'd need to get going. Can anybody recommend a kit and mention what are the essentials for gettin 'r done? I'd be willing to spend $3-400- would that get me everything I need to reload?
  13. I just clicked on every one of their Saigas, each was a "fatal error". Maybe that's webspeak for out of stock?
  14. Would someone explain to us less informed guys how a Bulgarian would be 922 compliant?
  15. This shoots the 7.62X54, but looks like an AK! Funny they don't warrant it for mil surplus ammo. They also have an aluminum receiver US made AK that doesn't have the surplus ammo warning. Heard any warnings from Saiga about Mil Surplus ammo? http://ioinc.us/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=PR..._Code=Long+Guns
  16. Thanks for the info man. Yes, I have a Bulgarian sling. It does seem a bit short though, since I have a NATO buttstock. I'll give it another go today. Cheers -Joe If you're trying to sight in the rifle it is best to have it solidly resting on sand bags so the strike points are due to the aimpoint/sight/gun rather than your wiggling. Then, you can adjust for the variances by dialing in the weapon.
  17. I think I remember seeing that if you cut off the shroud from the front sight then the barrel itself would be exposed, allowing the LH 14mm threading onto it.
  18. What source would you recommend for the red wood?
  19. I bought a couple of the SF 30 round mags and they work out of the box. However, they inserted and ejected better after I filed the rough edges and the catch a bit.
  20. I've decided to take on a winter project of converting my Saiga. I'd like to learn best outcomes of your projects, what works best for you, etc. I do have a preference for wood so understand that is a little bias and would expect to sand and stain. I'm willing to press-on, or clamp-on or whatever as long as I can purchase and do it myself? So, what would you recommend?
  21. All that stuff shoots ok for me in my saiga. I don't care about the corrosive ones because I love to clean my weapon after each firing. For deer hunting I'd use premium US brass ammo that costs $15 for 20 rounds, but for everything else- whatever is ok. I'd assume these are practice rounds and price it accordingly. These guys have calculated right- $75 or so, take it or leave it.
  22. Great job, Joe! That really looks nice. What kind of handguard retainer did you use? Did you also swap out the gas tube?
  23. If I had only known last December what I know now, like Kwicko, I would have done similarly with my financial planning! However, I didn't, and I have 10 calibers to feed: .22, .25, .380, 9mm, 38spl, .357, 7.62.54, 7.62.39, .410, 12gauge, and 30/30, with the bulk of my supply is in the .22, 38spl, 9mm, and X39. I don't know whether they'll want to treat all ammo similarly, or focus on handgun and assault rounds, so I've focused on those three lately.
  24. Exactly what kind of 7.62 you trying to get a scope for?
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