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  1. Great news today! Last night I filed alittle off the hammer and went to the range today and it worked flawlessly. I punched out the #10 with a clip. The springs were fine, one of the first things I checked. So my assumption is the hammer was out of tolerance, not by much, and needed a few strokes with a file and polished. I am very pleased with the operation of the Saiga along with the accuracey. Thank you for your comments.
  2. Thanks for the reply...I have been out of the net. I did add the disconnector spring and did not modify the trigger. Everything is clean, I am retired Army so cleaning is at the top off the list. I heard about filing down the hammer??? I shoot a round and the next one does "load", the trigger just won't reset so I have to help it by pushing the trigger forward to fire the next. The wierd thing is the firing pin does hit the primer on the follow up round puts a dent in it...just doesn't hit hard enough.
  3. Hello all...I converted my 7.62x39 and dropped a Tapco G2 trigger in it. The question I have is that when I shoot a round the next one will not fire. The firing pin does hit the primer but obviosly does not hit it hard enough. I have heard some G2 trigger systems have these problems...just wondering if anyone had the same issue. I thought I would start the troubleshooting here. Thanks....
  4. Sorry it took so long to reply...I moved and now I am ready to bring the toys out! I tried the cycling like you wrote and I guess it is Short Cycling. I don't understand... that is the same as a Functions Test on a M-16/M4. If it the check passes the rifle will fire, different on the Ak I am assuming? Do you know what the cause is and how to fix?
  5. If it is "short cycling" what is the cure?????
  6. Believe it or not i still only have the origanal mag. I will try the hammer cycle though...thanks
  7. I did not do a bullet guide, still using the 10 round Saiga
  8. OK....I did my conversion a couple of months ago, shot it and everything was great. I took it out a couple of weeks ago and it would fire one round and misfire on the next. I had to pull back and eject that round and it would fire the next. So to actually send a round down range I had to pull back and eject the next round, every other round!!!! The unfired rounds had a firepin mark on it. I am thinking it might be the extracter or is it in the FCG or maybe the bolt system...firing pin? I am calling all Saiga gods out there that can shed some light on this. You know frustrating this is..
  9. After taking it apart again it seems like the firing pin is ok.....my conclusion is that when it cycles through the next round is not sitting right. There is too much distance for the pin to hit the primer hard enough. there is a firing pin mark on the rounds.
  10. I am upset....I just went out and bought 700 rnds of century (hot shot) 7.62x39. I converted my Saiga two months ago and shot maybe 100 rnds through the pipe w/ out any problems. I went out yesterday w/ a buddy bragging about how AWSOME this AK is and when we lined up a total of 11 rifles I pulled my baby from the gun rack and loaded her up. We shot 40 rounds and all the sudden she would only fire every other round. The firing pin was not hitting the primer hard enough. This went on after I laid her down for 20 minutes. I took her apart and looked at the bolt which seemed fine..... the firin
  11. That is what I thought, I appreciate it guy's! I just got my boys a H&R combo w/ the 223/410 action. My oldest fell in love w/ the 410 his first shotgun shooting. I fell in love w/ how accurate both barrels were. I am already looking into getting one in a 308 and then adding barrels to it. I wish I could add barrels to the ultra slug but I read from the H&R website you can not add to the shotgun recievers/stocks but you can add shotguns to rifle stocks. That sucks now since I have the 980. At least it was free and it sounds like I ripped my brother off by accepting it for free. I lov
  12. Stupid question here....my brother gave me a 3" H&R ultra slugger and I have a boatload of 2 3/4" slugs and want to make sure it is ok to shoot them. The slugger is marked 3" so just checking!
  13. GO FOR IT! I have a Benelli Nova and it is an awsome shotgun. Mine is a 26" smoothbore and I can slug out to 100 yards inches apart and it is smoooth! I know I could reach further out w/ optics and a longer range. It is unfortunate though cause I am looking for a 243,.410 combo for my son and my wife says my inventory is to big to buy so I need to trade or sell. I really do not have a good reason not to pick this first. So if you know someone in the market for an awsome shotgun and has a combo like a Rossi or NEF and would like to trade head them over my way. 200 bucks is a steal....I woul
  14. Hey man that looks AWSOME! I have been thinking of getting rails like yours and I think you have made up my mind! What , if there is any, modifications to install the rails. How is the feel of a grip...thinking kind of rigid. Good job Bro.
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