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  1. Thanks for your answer Cobra...you seem to be right for the sight mounting on the dust cover...but anyway what you guys think about placing the ring on the place of the original rear sight ? Isn't it too far from the eye ? Or no problem ? Can somebody tell how big the hole must be ? I think about .200"....
  2. I'm gonna use an AK style custom front sight for my Saiga-12...here nothing interesting...looks like all other sights you know. But i'm not sure what to do about the rear sight. I was thinking about putting a ghost ring sight, because of the faster target aquisition than the ordinary U-notch sight. And cause i'm kinda short on money I'm going to try to make one myself, we'll see what will happen I read somewhere that these rear sights must be close to the eye. So if I place the rear sight on the place where was the original one of the gun - will that be a problem ? Because then the ring wil
  3. The thread i can turn using a CPU lathe. Hmm.. i'm not sure i can make the front sight only by using pictures, it needs to be made very sharply...it needs to be measured not just by a ruler, but using instruments like micrometers. I'll try to make one flash hider for you, and i will send it to you there (btw where do you live?) Then when you have a reson to believe me - maybe you can send me one ordinary elevated front sight to use it like a model, you will tell me what dimension you want me to change and then i'll make one sight for you. I'll send it to you and if you like it - i'll keep th
  4. Yes, i live in Bulgaria and i can't find the flash hider here (even when we have the big Arsenal weapons plant - they do not produce it). And i can't buy it over the internet cause i have no credit card to pay. I decided to try makeing the most common hider cause i thought i can find easily the dimensions... And... yes i got it! I realised what means id and od in some time thinkin...it was cause my english is kinda bad. In my country the law prodibit selling weapon parts. Anyway i'll think about makeing one for Cobra 76 two...maybe i'll send you one. Maybe it will be cool if you send me th
  5. Man, you are great, you even made a schematic for me. Thanks alot! But i just can't understand something - what means OD and ID ? For example - on the upper side you have written - 48 mm and than for the same dimension it is written below - 23 mm OD ? Please explain it to me ? Well, produceing weapon's parts and selling them without a license i illegal
  6. Good to have more than one hider measured - so i can compare, this will help me make it more correct. Go people - measure your hiders, i'll highly appreciate your help. I can try makeing the elevated sight too, but i need to have one for example. Hmm to produce them i think i'll need a license, but anyways no prob to make one for myself.
  7. Thank you very much McUZI. I'll be waiting for your assistance I'm going to make the hider which you can see here: http://www.saiga-12.com/images/Sight_bbl02.gif Hope you have the same one...or if it is different i'll need the pic too.
  8. Hello people, I'm Saiga-12 owner from Bulgaria. I work in a machine factory where i have equipment i can use to make a flash hider. But i need the dimensions - the diameter of the holes - both the eleptical and the round ones, the height and the width (diameter) of the flash hider. Please measure your hiders and help me make my own one. Thank you in advance for your help!
  9. JesusCow, What is the exact model of the Cobra on the pics you've attached ? I'm from Bulgaria, maybe it's hard for you to believe(cause here is placed the "Arsenal" plant where they make AK wepons), but these kind of sights are hard to be found here. All i found is one EKP-1 Cobra, i don't know if this model is new or old, good or bad, maybe you can tell me... It is very expensive thing to buy - it cost at about $200 - it is not much money in USA, but this is my whole month salary here, thats why i'm in doubt weather to buy This Cobra or not... Thank for your openions
  10. I'm going to buy one Cobra Red dot sight, but what do you ppl thing about them ? Is it good thing to have ? Thank you in advance for your answers
  11. jujaro

    12ga hi-cap mags?

    I have seen once drum magazine for 20 cartridges somewhere on the net.
  12. I have used it in Big game hunting. I like this riffle
  13. jujaro

    gas system

    Welcome, I'm from Bulgaria, here we had 45 years of komunism, but at least we can buy automatik shotguns...i thought that the law here sucks, but now i see that in France it is worse I wish i could help you with blueprints, but i can't, hope Makc can do it.
  14. I think(i'm almost sure) that not copression/decompression the spring causes wear, long time compressed will result the same - but it will take LONG time keeping the mag loaded.
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