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  1. fullchoke

    OK guys...and gals

    Hey man, Its great to see you back! I mean it!
  2. fullchoke

    Never call the ATF

    I agree with you 100% battlerifle
  3. fullchoke

    try to harden the stainless lips?

    I have to dissagree with the guy that says that loading them from a closed bolt is impossible. I can load my dads 10 rounders from a closed bolt alday long, it just takes a couple of hours of good practise and you will be ready to rock and lock from a closed bolt very freaking fast! I never could load the eights but the tens are a peice of cake. Just sit down and practise your technique.
  4. fullchoke

    Video of how to reload a Saiga 12 quickly

    Pretty good reload, but u might want to get the gun compliant with the law before sticking a 8 rder in it
  5. Kerry is a joke, a sorry excuse for an American, it is insulting to even see his face, The military men and woman serving in Iraq deserve the very best the American people can give them, they are the noblest blood on the American soil. Kerry needs to apologize and the idiot just ruined his chances of every getting elected! What a dum@$$ To all the troops out there: Good Job and HOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAH Eric Williams
  6. fullchoke

    Saiga-12: Pump Option???

    "Why? Because in case something happens, and it won't fire semi auto (could be ammo or gun related) then you ALWAYS have pump for a backup. THAT'S WHY PEOPLE WOULD WANT TO DO IT! No matter what can be said, it is an undisputed FACT that pumps are more reliable than semis." But Dude, If the auto option failed what makes you think that the gun would work as a Pump? Think about that for a minute. If the semi auto Ak design won't work what makes you think that you can manually pump the gun? Personllay I think a pump S-12 is about the stupidest thing i have ever seen, The only resion I could think for owning that would be for the unfortunate souls that live in the Lib. States. If it won't work on auto there is nearly no chance that it would work as a pump. The only thing the pump does is manually jack the bolt back, it would be no more reliable than a auto, in fact there is a chance that it would be less reliable (short stoking the pump).
  7. fullchoke

    Tactical shotgun duel

    Klaus, Do you think we can get a contingent NCRR to go the CTI shotgun match next spring
  8. fullchoke

    Tactical shotgun duel

    To help the voters make a more informed choice here is a link to the scores, scroll down the to pump division and check out the scores remember this was the first time Eric Williams had used a pump shot gun in competition and the shotgun used was a Mossberg 500 with a 28 inch barrel modified choke, and a 5+1 v all these tricked out 870s. Nor did Eric have a cartridge belt or those nifty shell holders, only a Walmart bird hunter type shell holder. http://www.ncrr.net/IDPA/matchresults/Shot...06-06-17_SG.htm http://www.ncrr.net/IDPA/matchresults/Shot...06-05-20_SG.htm
  9. fullchoke

    Black Creek 3 gun match

    All right Klause let's go, we both use the same stuff, I should do allright considering that my first time with a pump I beat half of your minions. I even had a 28' mossy witha 5 round tube. I bet i could do allright with a "tactical" flintlock!
  10. fullchoke

    Ace Folder Questions

    Hi, I was wondering, if the ace folder is soppossed to be locked tight when folded? Mine locks tight when it is fixed but when it is folded i can just pull it to fixed, whithout pushing the sprimg. Is this normal? eric
  11. I am fullchoke because my gun has a fixed fullchoke
  12. fullchoke

    Tromix Build

    I'm sorry that it turned out that way for you! Tony is a pretty cool dude, I am sure that he will make things cool with you.
  13. fullchoke


    Which Trigger Group? Mine did that, First off, If you are using those magnum loads trigger slap will be reduced with a Ak Buffer pad. The buffer pad will also reduce kick by 33% (in my oppinion) When i have trigger slap with mine i also hold the gun tighter into my shoulder and the trigger slap goes away! Mine went away after I loosened it up and got used to it, I haven't had any problems after that! Eric When I shoot 3 inch slugs, I just need to remember to get the gun into my sholder better, and it reduces the reverbirations inside after the round goes off. Those reverberations cause the trigger slap for me. Holding it tighter uses my body to soak most of the reverberations up. Thats what i do to get rid of my trigger slap
  14. fullchoke

    the next Topmaul Conversion

    Here is my new Gun! I have been saving since may, and I finally have it! I think all together so far I have 550 into it maby more or maby less. Thats quite allot of lawn cutting when you are 14 and have your own bussness! The hard worked payed off! The conversion whent flawlessy (My dad has his crapp together)! The most we did was barely scratch the paint! here are some pix for yall to enjoy! More pics
  15. fullchoke

    My new favorite gun

    I will be building a .223 soon and have a Ace on order should get it soon!