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  1. Here is a link to ours, we made our out of steel. I was concerned with how the heat may affect one made out of aluminum. Thanks Scott https://dpharms.com/products/saiga_furniture/saiga_bolt-on_~28diy~29lower_handguard_retainer.html
  2. That Phoenix stock that you are talking about is the same stock that they use for NON converted Saigas as well as the one they use for converted Saigia's. The only difference is they cut off the "long pistol grip piece". Trust me, I know the owner and his family very well and have been in their shop many times to collaborate on projects. Scott
  3. Does it have any functionality as a flash hider or muzzle brake or is it just for looks? I like it because it looks cool, but it's strictly a flash hider and door breach device. You can use it to punch holes in doors by jamming your gun into the door. I suppose you'd give the door a few blasts, then jam the jagged teeth on the end into the door to tear up the door to get inside (or outside). http://www.carolinashooterssupply.com/product_p/dph-s12-phantom.htm We manufacture that F/H....it is NOT intended to be used as a "breacher". Scott
  4. As soon as I know more, I will gladly forward the info. I just want the engineering guys to have time to do all of their do diligence. I'm hopeful....... Scott
  5. I have one of the old DPH ones. I have shot thousands of rounds with it. Have never had a failure like some experienced. I wonder some times if its just a ticking bomb or I just got one of the good ones. Would like to see them make some again. Funny you should say that.......as long as you are running one of the phantom f/h's we did for the clip, you should be fine. It was the 74 style compensator that caused the problem. We do in fact have an engineering guy working on the redesign to see if we cant get rid of the weak points that we found with the compensator. Scott
  6. We do have these in stock, It is a VERY popular product. Its one that the shop runs each month on a regular basis.
  7. Saiga 12 ga Immobilizer brake! It has full 3D profiling on the ports and use's Fluid dynamics principles on the side vents. It Works Like a champ! Reduces muzzle climb even in 2 or 3 round burst! There was significant testing done on this brake design and it has shown amazing results. As far as thread on brakes......there is nothing that even compares to it's effectiveness Made In the USA ,Black Oxide Finish, and Case Hardened. This brake is NOT intended to be used as a door breach. Thanks Scott http://dpharms.com/products/saiga_muzzle_attachments/saiga_12_imobilizer_brake.html
  8. For all forum memebers we have instituted a 10% discount on all Saiga items. Simply use the discount code saiga12 at the check out. Thanks Scott
  9. Simply put is code: sept1013 at the check out to receive 10% off any order over $50. Scott
  10. we do have them in stock. if you need to call us at 888-376-0937 scott
  11. They have no affiliation with DPH Arms either.....I wouldn't be surprised to see them get shut down.
  12. They had DPH Arms listed as a supplier as well and I can assure you that we have never heard of this company. Scott
  13. Matt could you have Ken call me please....it is very important. Scott Gulledge DPH Arms
  14. Greg is like the rest of us.....he is covered up and has very little time to check the boards. He will chime in when he gets a break. Scott
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