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  1. I am looking for one of these. I like the design better than the standard Tromix, though I am sure it works just fine as well. Anybody got one they want to get rid of? Thanks
  2. I am wanting one of these as well as the Standard TwisterPuc Gas Piston that they make. MAA shows both as being out of stock. Is E-Tac still in business and making these? Any idea where I can find one?
  3. I understand that Tromix has stopped making these and am looking to pick one up. Anybody have one for sale? Thanks, Austin
  4. I'm just wondering if you guys are still making the smaller version of the Monster Brake? Any idea where I can find it? -smaller version of this- Thanks
  5. I agree with this guy. My SHTF gun is a Tromix S-17. My fun gun (currently in the conversion stage) is a 12"er.
  6. I wouldn't say it's totally useless. On a stock length gas system; probably. I was eyeballing one for my upcoming 12" build because I need a piston/rod that's 2" shorter than stock, and I didn't want to hack up the stocker. However, upon reading that they're a POS, and finding a guy to build me one, I ditched that idea. If they were built worth a shit, I would have probably bought one just to hack up.
  7. Then Austin will be moving the block. BTW, I think it was your post in the tech section that compiled all of Tony's previous posts regarding his gas system mods. It's going to make my life much easier now that I've got a general idea how to do it. Thanks.
  8. After making this thread, I stumbled onto a few VERY informative posts in the conversion/tech forum. According to the Tromix guys, Tony moves the entire gas system 2" rearward for guns in the 11"+ range, and 3.75" rearward for the 8-10" guns. For my application (12"), it looks fairly straight-forward and nowhere near as complicated as I was making it out to be. My main problem being, I don't have access to a machine shop, so, I'll have to send the barrel and gas system out for the mods or find a local machine shop and guide them through what I want; everything else I can handle. So, for those who are interested, here's what I'm going to do: -Chop barrel to the 12" mark. -Weld up factory gas holes in barrel; smooth welds. -Redrill 3 new gas holes (angling rearward) in barrel 2" rearward from factory position, I'm thinking 0.095" dia. for improved low brass cycling (factory is 3 holes 0.073" dia.) -chop 2" off the rear/smooth part of the gas tube. -Either Chop 2" out of the middle of the piston rod and re-weld it, or find a 2" shorter aftermarket version (if they make them) -Turn down the 2" of barrel behind the gas block (via lathe) to necessary diameter. -Internally thread barrel for Slim Line Tru-Chokes -Rethread exterior of barrel for Tromix brake. [i think that's everything. I'm sure I'll find more once I actually start delving into it] Am I missing anything?
  9. Now that I've got one 8" S12 outta the way (thanks Tony ), I'm starting to think about what I want to do with my 2nd S12. I'm thinking I want to use it as more of an all around 'fun gun'. So far, I'm thinking: -12" barrel w/ necessary gas mods -Internally threaded for slim line Tru-Chokes, externally threaded for a Tromix Competition Brake -fixed stock (Possibly a Tromix w/ LS, or I might look into putting some sort of recoil absorbing stock on it.) -Kobra side mounted red dot Ok, so I'm needing two thing from you guys; 1. Pictures of some 12" Saigas (I searched and can't find any, but I know they're out there) 2. Any idea on how to go about modding the gas system, or how much? What all is involved? -Cut off muzzle end of barrel by 5", giving barrel a length of 12" from chamber, onward -Shorten gas tube by 5" (?) -Does the piston need shortened as well? If so, how much? I've got an email into Red Stick to see about them doing the conversion, but, if it's not toooooooooo involved, I might attempt it myself, just for shits and giggles. My main concern is getting the gas system right so that it'll run the low brass stuff. What say you?
  10. I've got a decked out S-17 inbound in a few weeks and would like to get one to make sure it cycles everything. Where can I get one?
  11. Hey guys. Newbie to the forum here. I've had an S12 on my wishlist for a looooong time now, and finally took the plunge, and bought one. It appears that prices are on the rise for them, so I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead and get one. I believe I'm somewhere around mid-2009 on the Tromix conversion list, so I've got some time. I ordered the gun and 3 mags from ImpactGuns.com (2-3month wait ). One thing I didn't check on, is whether I should buy the 108 or the 109. The description says the 108 has a rail. Do I want a rail? The guy at IG that I talked to said I did, but, he could just be trying to coax another $20 outta me. So, I guess my main concern is, I'd love to have a set of those HK-style sights. Does the rail have any affect on the style of sights I can run? Is the rail permanent? Some pictures of the differences would be sweet if somebody has got'em. Here's some pics of what I'm going for: On the bottom, on both: I like #2 and #3, as well as their sights. I don't like the rails on #1,4,5 (which now that I look at them, that's probably the one I ordered [crap] ). Would I be correct in saying #2and3 = 109's, and #1,4,5 = 108s? : Thanks for any help you guys can give a newbie. Looking forward to joining the club. p.s. Your search function turned up nil.
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