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  1. I want a forward grip on my Tromix 8" SBS. I found the canted front grip (Lage). Now I need the short rail and how it mounts under the Tromix hand guard so I can mount the canted K-Grip. Please enlighten me... Thanks MadDog in GA
  2. Yes. Someone used to sell an angled front grip with mounting bolt or hardware that fit Tony’s custom Saiga12s. I put off buying one just like I did with M11-9s when they were 1K all day every day. I finally bought a M11 9 but it was 2k when I finally did. Now for the VFG...
  3. I want a canted front vertical grip on my Tromix 8” Saiga 12 SBS. I missed the boat several years ago and I know someone here can point me in the right direction. Reaching around a 20 round MD drum is a bitch with the standard setup. TIA MadDog in GA
  4. I have a few for 150/ea that I might part with. MadDog76@comcast.net
  5. Damn that was FAST! Tony you are the man - THANK YOU!! MadDog
  6. I have a Tromix 8" Saiga 12 with a BirdCage FH. What is the best way to remove the FH (without goofing it up) so I can throw some fireballs? Yes the barrel is supposed to be threaded...TIA
  7. My 1st NFA was a RIA M16. It was just a tad more than the Vector Uzi that I had my eye on. Everyone thought I was crazy for spending 2950.00 on a GUN! I bought the Uzi several months later...
  8. I have three 160.00 drums. If I had waited I could have 5 drums instead of three. Hey Mike, how about a total clear drum???
  9. Yep I pre ordered three drums and two springs at the original price. Two are still sitting NIB. I did like the free gas plug though.
  10. I'm very happy with my Tromix 8" SBS! It was worth the wait baby!!!
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