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  1. Yes. Someone used to sell an angled front grip with mounting bolt or hardware that fit Tony’s custom Saiga12s. I put off buying one just like I did with M11-9s when they were 1K all day every day. I finally bought a M11 9 but it was 2k when I finally did. Now for the VFG...
  2. I want a canted front vertical grip on my Tromix 8” Saiga 12 SBS. I missed the boat several years ago and I know someone here can point me in the right direction. Reaching around a 20 round MD drum is a bitch with the standard setup. TIA MadDog in GA
  3. I have a few for 150/ea that I might part with. MadDog76@comcast.net
  4. Damn that was FAST! Tony you are the man - THANK YOU!! MadDog
  5. I have a Tromix 8" Saiga 12 with a BirdCage FH. What is the best way to remove the FH (without goofing it up) so I can throw some fireballs? Yes the barrel is supposed to be threaded...TIA
  6. My 1st NFA was a RIA M16. It was just a tad more than the Vector Uzi that I had my eye on. Everyone thought I was crazy for spending 2950.00 on a GUN! I bought the Uzi several months later...
  7. I have three 160.00 drums. If I had waited I could have 5 drums instead of three. Hey Mike, how about a total clear drum???
  8. Yep I pre ordered three drums and two springs at the original price. Two are still sitting NIB. I did like the free gas plug though.
  9. I'm very happy with my Tromix 8" SBS! It was worth the wait baby!!!
  10. So...do tell, what'cha get'n? Owning a Tromix is like belonging to an exclusive fraternity! Welcome aboard! Friggin A! My number is up as I'm sending in my SBS for Tony's Magic tomorrow! MadDog (DeWayne)
  11. Woo Hoo! Finally my number (623) is almost here!!!
  12. I'll Take it! Email me where to send funds.. MadDog76NOSPAM@comcast.net (remove the NOSPAM) MadDog
  13. Yeah I'm not going to sweat the small shit. AZEX Arms is the next town over from me (just found that out!). I'm going to pay them a visit and see what they can do. I have two 308's that I have converted and both had to have the safety welded up as they were too short. Luckly I had a friend that could do that sort of work... MadDog
  14. MadDog

    BHO Wanted

    Does anyone have a spare Saiga-12 BHO and spring they aren't using? I'm looking for one if someone has one laying around please message me... MadDog76nospam@comcast.net (remove the nospam to get me) Thanks in Advance gents!!! MadDog
  15. I called and then sent an email as requested on Monday. I have not received a confirmation/number. I emailed again as a follow up and still have not received a response. I sent the email on the 1st at 1:00 PM. I was going to call; however, I saw that the shop is closed on Friday...MadDog
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