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  1. Been a long time.... Ended up chopping down my LAC rail was a little too long.. Magpul CTR StockAce Folding Stock AdapterMagpul Grip Tapco G2 Arhipov's Lever HK Sights (Tritium Inserts) Russian Mags Leykom Armory Customs VEPR Hand Guard (modified and chopped) CSS Piston and regulator BCM Covers Magpul Sling Mount Magpul Sling Surefire Scout Weapon Light BoneSteel Firestorm (permanently attached) Accuracy International Dark Earth Cerakote
  2. I was wondering the same thing.. I was pretty sure that was not legal to mod like that.. are you 100% sure that it is in fact illegal?
  3. I was afraid that was the case.. it would look great with a suppressor.. thanks for your comment about the resurface.. I actually really like the handguard because it makes use of all the wasted space right in front of the magwell.. it gives a nice big grip area for a small gun.. I just could not stand those fins.. I thought they were kind of ugly for some reason.. I looked into an evo.. but I like that the PAK takes my Glock mags.. and this thing runs and runs with no issues yet..
  4. I thought an awful lot about this.. LOL I am scared to thread the barrel.. especially for a suppressor.. now for something like a brake or hider maybe.. but those threads have to be really spot on for a suppressor or I am going to end up hitting the inside.. but I think this gun would LOVE a suppressor..
  5. don't really get on the forum much anymore.. well any forum for that matter.. work is just nuts.. but just wanted to stop by and share my new pistol.. I had originally planned to get a stamp but I am not sure I even need it now.. might just leave it be.. I saw a lot of hate for this gun.. LOL but it actually shoots really well.. and has so far been reliable.. Pak 9 SB Pistol Brace ACE Hinge Tromix Lead Delivery Systems Receiver Plate Magpul Sling Magpul Sling Ring Magpul Industries Corp. Grip Glock Adapter Glock 33 Round Magazines Resurfaced Foregrip Larue Ind
  6. I removed some ridges in some polymer furniture for a gun.. the removal of the ridges went great.. very happen with the outcome.. with that said it is now dull gray instead of black... before I hit it with rattle can.. does anyone know if there is a way to restore the stock color.. not looking for a pristine factory condition.. just close enough that it is passable.. if not I will just paint it.. no real issue..
  7. you did a really good job with that!
  8. posting something interesting without pictures is lame.. LOL where are the pics..
  9. similar setup on all my ARs.. so it is very natural to me.. I like M lok and Keymod because you get a really low profile hand guard.. and can attach the one or two things you need without the added bulk of a full rail system..
  10. thank you.. the new hand guard is very comfortable..
  11. I am going to get a stamp for the gun at some point.. but for now I believe I am done.. although I have said that before..
  12. Is it true that the puck is a 922 compliance countable part? if so what puck is available that is closest to factory spec and proven most reliable.. I ONLY need it for 922 compliance as I might switch to a Russian handguard thanks
  13. gun is officially home..
  14. yup it sucks.. people make shitty choices.. and sometimes others suffer.. lesson learned.. trust your paranoid instincts.. and forget about converting the S12 for a magwell.. I am thinking some original Russian mags to celebrate the return...
  15. Well good news.. I don't have the gun in hand yet.. but it was recovered, and shipped up to the police in PA.. I am going to pick it up Sunday. As far as I know it is untouched and in the same condition as when I sent it.. I do not know the complete details, but I will tell you what I know.. I sent the gun to Jack Travers to have a magazine well installed.. At some point he pawned the gun Some time after that he ended up having "medical issues" and is now so bad off he is not in a position to be prosecuted Some time after that the sheriffs department in his area was able to recover th
  16. Some definitely know.. and thats fine.. people can know or assume.. I am just doing my best to steer clear of getting into the whole "me VS the shop" kind of thing... my post is not so much about how lame I view the actions of this individual... I want to just keep the focus on the fact that the gun has essentially been stolen from me.. and the more people that have it on their radar.. the better chance that someone may stumble across it at some point..
  17. was at one time.. does not appear to be now.. I would put the shop name out there to protect others.. but based on how things are going I do not think he will be taking in any additional work anytime soon..
  18. there is no need to deviate from the truth.. I have most of our conversation documented.. text, email, etc.. we rarely spoke on the phone... have the documents from shipping.. and have payment receipt.. and of course have a copy of the original receipt. the "story" is actually very straight forward.. guy took gun.. guy went ghost.. found out guy was in hospital.. heard a lot of questionable local chatter.. want gun back.. lol
  19. this is all in process.. my posting was as a side note just to get info about the gun out there in case anyone runs across it.. thanks
  20. I am considering the gun stolen at this point because of all the information I have surrounding the situation.. I am not going to go into detail about peoples personal lives.. but sent the gun to a once reputable smith.. and now hearing very concerning stories about this person.. If anyone comes across any info it would be appreciated..
  21. you may never see how this comes out.. I sent the gun to a gunsmith who at one time was highly respected.. and now has virtually fallen off the face of the earth.. the police are involved but even that appears to be a struggle.. it sucks.. a gun I had forever.. I may never see again..
  22. solved my issue I think.. pictures to come when all is complete..
  23. is there a magwell that will accept russian mags? are the SGM the same size as Russian mags.. no offense but I think that SGM while functional.. are hideous looking..
  24. when you run a magwell that uses no front catch.. like the JTE.. what the hell keeps the mag in? Just the rear catch. The mag can't rock, it can only go up and down due to it being surrounded by the mag well ah OK thanks.. so you can use any normal S12 mag.. and you just remove the front?
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