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  1. I have 4 converted 12's and all of them run what ever I put in them. A friend gave me about 100 rounds of old paper bird shot and they even ran fine. The last shells I bought were the cheap winchester bulk pack. Ran with out issues.... I guess its like anything mechanical. Sometimes you get a good one and sometimes not so good...
  2. You guys are great! Thanks for all of the input and help. VanKiller...... PM on the way....
  3. 6500 Thanks for the info. I am concerned about messing with the gun too much and destroying the value of the 12C. That is kind of why I am leaning towards the replacement barrel. I don't mind the wait as I have other converted 12's to shoot. I just want to make the best decision for the collectability of the 12C. (if that makes sense) I think it would be really cool to have a functioning SBS but it seems like bubba peeps cut this way too short..... Asthetically it looks wierd with that short of a barrel.
  4. BobAsh Is this something you guys can do??? I think I would like to convert it back to the minimum non-SBS length with a shark brake. What are your thoughts. And what do you think something like that would cost (roughly). I also find it hard to believe some one would bubba the 12C. I grabbed it because I knew there are not that many out there even though it was bubbafied..... I hope I can get it working and enjoy it.....
  5. http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?act=at...st&id=21474 BobAsh, Sorry for the delay. Here is the pic... If it is FKED up I wouldn't mind extending the existing barrel or replacing it all together. What do you think??
  6. Ditto!!! I purchased a SBS saiga 12c without first test firing it and it will not run. I have no idea what to do........ Any ideas? fish_on@verizon.net
  7. If you buy it as a SBS it'll probably be expensive and you'll have to pay for the tax stamp. Why destroy its value and waste your $200? If the seller replaces the barrel before selling he's diminishing the value of his gun greatly. Don't see why someone would want to do that. So an SBS s12 is more valuable than a regular saiga 12? I didn't think there was any additional value for an SBS only the additional $200 tax stamp. I just thought it would be less headache to loose the class III all together and convert it back to a regular s12. I would switch the barrel before I took posession and do the paperwork to convert it back to a shotgun with the ATF to avoid the $200 tax stamp.
  8. Hey guys, thanks for the response. Actually I have a guy who wants to sell me a saiga 12 Short Barrelled Shotgun and I don't want a SBS so I wanted to look into replacing the barrel to loose the class III paperwork. Any advise?
  9. I'm looking to buy a replacement barrel for my saiga 12. Can anyone help me out???
  10. Thank you!!! I can assure you that if I was fishing it would be for tuna!!!! I think I am gonna go ahead and get the 12C and when I recover from that Iwill get a converted 12 as a shooter.......... Where to find an affordable converted 12????
  11. How does one become a contributing member of this forum????
  12. I was just about to ask if I could sell me 20 on this board and then I saw this!!!!!!!! Now I don't know what to do.........
  13. I have an opportunity to buy one for $2000 and I'm not sure if it is something that will continue to go up in value and I should buy it or if I should just get a regular converted 12. I'm thinking I should just get it and later pick up a regular converted. Any opinions?
  14. Is the 12C more collectable or valuable than the regular 12 converted? Seems like the prices of the converted ones are nearing or exceeding the prices of the 12C's......
  15. Hey guys, just curious if anyone knows what a real Saiga-12C goes for these days. I see converted 12's going from 1200 to 2400 but never see any 12C's. Does anyone ever see them for sale?????
  16. They could do a double stack 14 rounder!!!!
  17. GOB, How did you make out with the builds. I have a polish underfolder kit that I have been wanting to complete. I live across the pond from you near kent island. I grew up in Pee Gee Co..... Todd
  18. I have not shot it yet. I like the idea of threading the barrel for muzzle breaks / flash hiders. I think it would keep it looking clean. Does any on have info on where to rent the threading tool and where to buy some good flash hiders? Also would duracoating the gun reduce the value??? I was thinking of doing it in black just so it would look really nice.... Thanks! You guys have been great!!!!! Molefortress you should call that guy ASAP and see if he needs to unload a few more. If so count me in!!!!
  19. That is one clean 12C you stole there!!! I feel pillaged!!! Congrats!!!
  20. Does anyone know where I can get a clamp on (not threaded) 12ga flash hider with the ak style front sight? I saw a pic of one and I think it would really set this gun off
  21. Tritium thanks!!!!! Here are the pics......
  22. HELP!!!! Trying to post pics of the 12C and I can't figure it out
  23. Thanks USP40, I rode the short bus to school!!!!
  24. AZ what is a FH?????? No threads on this short barrell.......... Does anyone know what a guy has to do to get a MD arms drum?????? I can't figure out if they are available, on back order, is there a line I need to stand in????
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