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  1. I have a converted Saiga 12. I cleaned the action and lubed it up moderately with CLP. Using target loads on the number 2 setting and an MD 20 round drum magazine it ran great until about the 5th or 6th magazine (100-120 rnds). I would then start getting some failure to feed malfunctions. I plan on cleaning the gun and seeing if the malfunctions go away. Is it normal for this to happen when the gun gets dirty at 100 or so rounds or is there something else going on. I have yet to polish the bolt.
  2. Is there a previous post on how to fit an AGP 10 rnd magazine? After inserting the forward lip into the magazine well the rear of the magazine was hard to get in. On my surefire I just files away a little at the rear of the magazine. On my AGP I ended up taking a file and putting it under the forward lip and taking a little off the front to allow the rear of the magazine to move forward. This seemed to work. Is the the correct method?
  3. I was told that the Ultimak rail is aluminum. I want to weld an HK front sight to it. Is the Ultimak aluminum? If so can a steel front sight be welded to aluminum? What is required to do that? Is it a specialized type of welding or can any run of the mill welder do it? Are there other methods to join the 2 meetals that will be strong and look good? Someone mentioned polymethylmethacrylate composite.
  4. I have an Siaga 12 that I am considering putting HK sights on. I am installing them because they look awesome. Although I am styling the gun as a combat weapon I will use the gun mostly as a toy and occasionally in 3 gun matches as an informal competitor. How are the HK sights for competion and defensive use (household range)? I am willing to sacrifice a little performance for the HK sights but if they perform very poorly then I do not want to use them. How are the non magnified optical sights such as the Trijicon for competition and defense? Between iron sights in general and opti
  5. I am considering having a Siaga 12 modified by R and R. I notice that when the AR15 style selector switch is set to fire it extends down below the receiver. Does that get in the way of the trigger finger when it is extended along the side of the reciever (finger off trigger)? Does it interfere witht he grip or handling? I will use this gun in some iformal 3 gun matches but I want it set up as a combat weapon. I will probably never use it as a defensive weapon but instead will use it as a cool toy. However I want to be sure of the rugedness of it. I am concerned that with the selector leve
  6. Does anyone know if an Ultimak rail will fit with a Tapco Galil style hand guard?
  7. My gas selector is also hard to turn. Does the entire selector unscrew? Is that necessary for cleaning? If I take it out how do I properly put it back in so that the 1 and 2 position function properly? In other words as I am screwing it back in each time the number 1 position passes the detent it will appear as if it is in the #1 position prior to it being screwed all the way in. Do I screw it in all the way and that = 1 or 2 and then unscrew it a half turn to reach the other position.
  8. They are on top of the arms
  9. I have a Siaga 12 ga that has been converted and uses a Tapco G2 Trigger group. After putting 50 or so round in it occasionally the trigger does not come forward after firing when I let off finger pressure. If I squeeze the trigger a second time nothing happens. If I take two fingers and grab the trigger and pull it forward it snaps out and will then fire normally until it hangs up again. Any ideas on the cause of this? Would the Tapco G2 trigger recall problem cause this? I have yet to check the trigger group to see if it needs to be replaced. I am still figuring out how to pull it a
  10. krinkguy2

    BHO Failure

    I just got my Saiga 12 back from being converted. When I pushed the BHO lever up it receded into the receiver and I was unable to shoot the gun. I had to take it home and use some tools to get it back out. Is this a common problem? Am I better off getting rid of the BHO? The gun is in the shop now and they say they will see if they can wrap the spring (that keeps the BHO button from going into the receiver) tighter. Should this solve the problem?
  11. What is you opinion on gettting a Saiga 12 with a galil charging handle? For a self-defense gun? For a competition gun? I have never shot one with it installed.
  12. How are the gen II AGP Clear plastic magazines? What is the difference between gen I and type II? Are the gen 1s ok?
  13. I am looking at buying a converted Siaga. Im trying to determine what features I want on the gun. I have several reasons for purchasing the gun so some of the features I am looking at might not be good for all of those reasons. I want the gun for collection purposes. For this I would love to have a short barreled shot gun that looks cool and has as many evil features on it as possible to scare my liberal weenie friends. I also plan on using in it 3 gun matches. I am not a serious competitor but would like something that would perform adequately. Anything I use in a match needs to be pra
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