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    Beryl Mags back in stock

    Sold out allready !
  2. mikebaker1129

    Yugo mags in a Saiga

    Will do Jim ! The Yugo mags are sharp,so be carefull . Apex has them as does Jestice,both for more $ than I paid.
  3. mikebaker1129

    3 Reasons to Convert 5.45 Mags to 5.56?

    The Followers made by Robinson Armament fixed the feed issue in the 5.45 mags with the 5.56 by raising the round up more. The other issue was the need to grind out part of the 5.45 mag body. The mags converted by Century for use in the SAR .223 rifles had all of the hard work done to the mag bodies,but century failed to add the RA follower, which led to feeding issues. The partially converted Century mags can still be located,add a RA follower and you are golden. MY RA imorted Vepr cam from Robinson with a texture painted East German modified 5.45 from the manufacturer. These mags do work well for me ,no matter how many people talk of mag geometry. Unfortunately the RA followers are made of plastic and are no longer available. My wife scored me 10 just before they stopped selling them. Hope this helps !
  4. mikebaker1129

    Yugo mags in a Saiga

    They were cheap enough to gamble a mod on. Next up is to mod the yugo mags to fit in the Valmet. Valmet mags are Expen$ive !
  5. mikebaker1129

    Yugo mags in a Saiga

    Do they touch the rails on your slabside rifle? No,but none of mine do,Weigers,East German converted Bakelites, Beryls.Mine is slabside, and I could use some additional magazines besides the East German Weigers I am using. Your pics imply similar mods as the Weigers.Correct,you also need to file a little bit for clearance for the front of the bullet guide and some on the rear to clear the center support ,I have not modified/ filed my center support,so I had to mod the mag to clear the support. Where are you getting these magazines?Picked them up at J&G super cheap $3or so for the 10rd mags and $6 or 7 ea for the 30 rd mags. Thanks. Hope this helps Jim !
  6. mikebaker1129

    Yugo mags in a Saiga

    Yours dimpled or slab side ?
  7. mikebaker1129

    PAP M85 mags for Saiga?

    Check out my post about Yugo mags in a Saiga .223 on page two for more details on this .
  8. Love this place ! I hunt this area every year. Trudy's is a pretty good place to eat .
  9. mikebaker1129

    223 steel magazines

  10. mikebaker1129

    AH! No trigger group parts work in my saiga!

    If I recall, the stock Saiga disconnector spring is a bit long . Not sure if you are reusing it or not ?
  11. mikebaker1129

    Where to find Polish Beryl magazines?

    I have both the green and the black Beryl mags, I prefer the black over the green. The clear mags do infact crack ,I sold all of my clear ones during the scare,as they were developing cracks.
  12. mikebaker1129

    Csspecs steel 8rd Vepr-12 mag final model.

    Are the 12ga Vepr mags available ?
  13. mikebaker1129

    AK Gun smith in central TX

    Ouch !
  14. mikebaker1129

    Best bullet guide?

    I also used the Dinzag on 2 Saigas and 2 Veprs with good results. His drill bit and taps are pretty good quality. I used 1 of his bullet guide kits to drill and tap 1 saiga and 2 Vepr trunnions. I know most use a drill press ,but I used a cordless drill on mine.
  15. mikebaker1129

    Replacement Parts for Saiga 308

    Here you go . http://vepr.org/viewtopic.php?f=39&t=2260
  16. mikebaker1129

    Replacement Parts for Saiga 308

    Saiga firing pins are available from cerephim and extractors are being made by a guy on the Vepr forum for the .308 Saiga and the 7.62X54 R Vepr.
  17. mikebaker1129

    saiga 308 OEM mags or csspecs?

    I picked up a couple of the Saiga .308 CSS specs mags when they were on sale, to try out. I have to say I am impressed and they ARE as good as everyone says they are.
  18. mikebaker1129

    Yugo mags in a Saiga

    One more pic with the mag in the rifle.On a side note,with some minor mods the CSSpecs U.S. made AK floorplates with fit for 1 more additional 922R compliance part.
  19. mikebaker1129

    Gonna test the Tapco AK74 10 round 5.45 mags

    10 -12 rds of .223 in a 5.45 is not an issue. When you try to load a full 30 rds of .223 in a 5.45 mag,then the feedlips need opened up with a dremel and the follower needs to be replaced with a RA follower. The RA follower allows the .223 rounds to sit higher in the 5,45 mag and it solves the issue. These followers were used when .223 AK mags were in short supply and 30rd 5.45 mags were everywhere for $5ea. The followers are difficult to find and the conversions are not worth the effort . 5.45 mags are not $5 anymore. Back in the day they were a viable option. I have a few that still work . My Vepr came with one from RA with one that was painted with some textured black paint .
  20. mikebaker1129


    That is a sweet offering by Atlantic .
  21. mikebaker1129

    New Saiga 223... New problems

    You mentioned that your Saiga is the dimpled mag well version. I am not sure if this matters or not,but mine is the slabside. The Yugo's are cheap right now,they can be had for as little as $9.95 ea in bulk,but it is alot more work to convert one than the Beryl mags or the Bulgy mags. The only upside is that they are readily available and cheap. Just to give you an idea, I have over 30 Yugo mags between the 10 rders and 30 rd mags and I have only converted 1.
  22. mikebaker1129

    New Saiga 223 Trouble

    Most likely your issues are a combination of the front of the mags needing a little material removed to clear the front trunnion and your mag catch needing filed down on yourunmodified Saiga. These are the same mods made to the Bulgarian mags. Mancats video, is an excellent video showing this.
  23. mikebaker1129

    Home made skeleton stock

    Which brand of AR mag adapter is your ? How much work was it to fit ?
  24. mikebaker1129

    Best Trigger Group for .223?

    Okay so no MIM ,then you need to pass on the Tapco,Texas AK trigger,and the Arsenal unit. That only leaves the Red star Arms.
  25. mikebaker1129

    Saiga 30 Round .223 Mags On Sale for $15 Shipped

    Anyone know if the insides of the surefires are compatible with the factory Saiga mags ?