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  1. mikebaker1129

    Getting a slabside no dimples 7.62x39 any concerns?

    Mine is one of the very early ones . No issues here ,except that "I" filed the catch down just a little too much.
  2. mikebaker1129

    Muzzle brake thread and install

    What are you using for a front site ? As long as you got what you wanted ,that is all that matters !
  3. mikebaker1129

    922r ? Can FCG be swapped with Vepr

    Yes it can, but it will not add 922R parts to the Saiga . Most conversions use a US made FCG .
  4. mikebaker1129

    WTS 4 Beryl 5.56 mags.

    Wish i would have seen these sooner !
  5. mikebaker1129

    24x1.5mm on a .591" .223?

    The guy welded up the holes in the receiver, made a FSB/GB by cutting and welding the 2 together,cut the notch for the hand guard retainer, turned down the barrel and threaded 1/2 -28 and parkerized the whole rifle for $160. The guy worked at Elk River Tool&Die when they were in Houston. I have been trying to get ahold of him for some more work , but no luck.
  6. mikebaker1129

    New commercial bulgarian mags black/brown review

    These fit in my Saiga .223 without mods to the feedlip area that most need. I picked up a few of these stripped mag bodies for $5ea ,just to see if they were decent or junk . Overall I like them. Not for $20ea,but for around $15ea, I will pick up some more and I do not even own a 5.45 rifle.
  7. mikebaker1129

    Interesting VEPR 223 on G-Broker - like Royal Tiger?

    Looks great ! Price is hard for me to justify ,$1,000 more than I paid for my slant back is hard to justify in my mind.
  8. mikebaker1129

    24x1.5mm on a .591" .223?

    I had my .591 barrel turned down and threaded 1/2 28 ,so I could run the more available AR flashhiders and muzzlebreaks .
  9. mikebaker1129

    How bad did I just screw up?

    I just dug mine out and mine id .569 not the .591 like I had thought. Sorry.
  10. mikebaker1129

    How bad did I just screw up?

    I may have my old Saiga FSB here somewhere. Mine was also the heavy barrel . Mine was pinned on,not dimpled.
  11. mikebaker1129

    TAPCO 10rnd AK74 5.45 mags work in VEPR 223!

    There is some 10 rd factory Saiga mags forsale on another AK forum for $14 ea he has bulgy 5rd mags for the same price.
  12. mikebaker1129

    Refinished Wood And a Question

    Looks really good !
  13. I recently came into some 5.45 magazine bodies that were stripped of the internals. I have picked up some floorplates and followers and have ordered the springs.I have not been able to locate the floorplate retainers. Anyone have any ideas on where these might be found or some cheap saiga 5.45 or .223 mags cheap to butcher for parts ? Thanks in advance.
  14. mikebaker1129

    Converted Saiga

    No , but I met you there the same time Keith. Cody was the guy. Is he still around ?
  15. mikebaker1129

    Converted Saiga

    I am not sure if I posted pics of this build or not . Details are : FSE FCG Smith Enterprise Vortex Flash hider Bonesteel/CNC warrior gas piston Unitized FSB/Gas block done by A gunsmith at Elkriver when they were in Houston US made floorplate on the Bulgy mag Ace US made Galil grip Wood was sold by Global trades years back,I think they claim it was Bulgarian, but looks different than most Bulgarian wood that I have seen.
  16. mikebaker1129

    Cost Analysis: Saiga & Vepr 223

    I have both the Saiga in .223 and the Vepr in .223. The conversion process is just about the same . I picked my Vepr up from centerfire for $499,but mine has the angled receiver. I like the Vepr more,but that is just me. The Saiga is a fine rifle also and you can run the slightly modified 35 rd Orilite Galil mags in them also, so that is a plus. Saiga is a bit lighter than the vepr and can use traditional buttstocks where as my vepr cannot. The cost to convert will be just about the same given your desired features.
  17. mikebaker1129

    Saiga 223 magazine problem

    How many factory Saiga .223 mags were you looking for ?
  18. mikebaker1129

    Saiga 223 magazine problem

    Sounds like the bolt hold open feature is working if the mags are unloaded? Is the bolt hitting the mag when the magazine is loaded or unloaded ? If this is happening when the magazine is unloaded then the magazine is working perfect and is holding the bolt open just like it is suppose to, by holding the bolt open after the last round is fired. Hope this helps...
  19. mikebaker1129

    newly converted saiga 223

    Looks good !
  20. mikebaker1129

    Converted Saiga

    Thanks the guy at Elkriver welded up all the holes,unitized the FSB/GB installed the handguard retainer, turned the barrel down,threaded the barrel and reparked the complete rifle for $165.
  21. mikebaker1129

    Pic request - 1/2x28 muzzle devices on saiga

    Here you go . I went with the Smith vortex in 1/2 28 because it was cheaper and there are alot more options in the AR thread pattern.
  22. mikebaker1129

    Trigger Question?

    Welcome Baytown,TX ! I am just 15 miles North of you .
  23. mikebaker1129

    Saiga 7.62x39 Bolt for sale?

    I lost mine and posted a WTB ad on several forums and I was able to pick one up with carrier for $30. Good luck with your search. You might try the place in Las Vegas if all else fails.
  24. mikebaker1129

    AK 47 .223 10-15 round magazines?

    I am not sure how things are in your area, but I have not seen any $10-15 .223 AK mags in a long time ! You can sometimes find some 7.62X39 mm Ak mags in the $15-20 range,but that is a different caliber magazine.