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    AK 74 Mags For Saiga 223

    You are correct on all accounts. Like convertings Saigas, converting magzines may not be in everyone's skill set. I totally agree on the 5.45 mags and costs versus the current .223 magazines. I just wanted to point out that while no longer cost effective, when done correctly they do work. There was a time when .223 AK mags were hard to come by and this was an option, that time has passed and these are no longer cost effective . I would be happy to take off your hands any of the non working converted mags and RA followers that anyone has that do not work for 30 rds.
  2. mikebaker1129

    AK 74 Mags For Saiga 223

    I do not have SAR3 mags, but standard russian magazine Ak-74 non correct working with cartriges 5.56 Nato. Once tuning, they can work only with 10 rounds, and not ideal model of reliability. Take a look at this German 5.45 magazine, you see where the red area is colored in ,this area needs to be opened up on both sides and The old 5.45 follower removed and replaced with a Robinson Armament .223 follower as seen in the picture. Once this is done, about 10 minutes with a dremel or even less with a drill press ,the magazine will feed and function with ALL 30 rds of .223 ammo. The key is you must swap out the follower or modify your old one to look like the one in the picture. Most of the Century sold rifles had the work done to the body ,but they did not perform the follower swap and that is why these magazines have the bad reputation. It has nothing to do with the curvature of the magazine body and everything to do with the follower allowing the .223 round to sit up higher in the magazine and slide straight into the chamber and not nose dive into the barrel . The curvature of a Polish Beryl .223 magazine is almost the curvature as a 5.45 mag, the whole curvature myth on the 'net is a bunch of crap. I have 5 or 6 of the conversion magazines and they all work flawless. My RA Vepr even came with a converted magazine from the factory. [/url]">http://
  3. mikebaker1129

    AK 74 Mags For Saiga 223

    You want to sell them ? The plastic Orilite galil mags work great in my Saiga with just a small amout of material removed from the sides on the front.
  4. Purchased some mags and a Vepr 12 brake from him that was not instock and he sold me one out of his personal stash. Bonesteel arms is his company.
  5. mikebaker1129

    Magazine springs

    The springs are hard to find as we all know . I do have a few that I am going to offer forsale soon fits both the 5.45 and .223 Bulgarian made mags. I purchased these years ago. I will have 4 or 5 that are in the wrapper with the spring guide retainer. I can sell them together as a kit or I can remove the spring guide retainer. Standard AK springs are different. Shoot me and email.
  6. I bought couple items from this man twice and all went without a hitch . A real straight shooter!
  7. mikebaker1129

    .223 bullet availability

    Wow. .26 per for bullets only? I have been selling some loaded ammo for only .50 per round locally ,no wonder they have been buying it up like hungry sharks.
  8. mikebaker1129

    Bullet Guide and Mag Catch File or Wait for SGM?

    Are you the same shipwreck from the Houston Gun Forum and the Beretta forum? If so shoot me an email. Mike
  9. mikebaker1129

    Tapco Galil Mags.

    Excellent review ! Thanks for sharing.
  10. mikebaker1129

    What do you guys think Good Business practice or not Now on V12

    I think that they should honor the price.They did not say that their costs went up, just that the competion was selling for a higher price point and we are ajusting our price by $149.99. Seems to me the whole idea of the preorder is to get one at a "Nailed down" price when they come in . The seller is just trying to make a few extra bucks. I am all for making $ , it just is unethical in this case when the gun was preordered at the price of $999.99. They are not honoring their word plain and simple. Purchase one from someone else that is honorable. Just my .02
  11. mikebaker1129

    Did your Vepr 12 come with 1 or 2 five round mags?

    Mine came with 1 mag.
  12. mikebaker1129

    Vepr and Saiga BCG

    The "bolt head" would be of more interest to me .
  13. mikebaker1129

    Vepr and Saiga BCG

    Mitch beat me to it ! I sold 1 of these last year for like $20
  14. mikebaker1129

    Vepr and Saiga BCG

    Pretty sure that the company out in Las Vegas sells them, but they are expensive.
  15. mikebaker1129

    Anyone Replace Their Piston?

    I have done it a couple of times. I believe Dinzag has a tutorial for doing this on his website. The process is just like Mancat stated,it is really alot easier than it sounds .
  16. mikebaker1129

    mag options or follower options

    The Galil Orilite mags are a good choice.To answer your 1st question, the conversion followers just are plain hard to find these days and other mods are needed to the 74 mags along with the follower to get them to function correctly. If you do not have the RA conversion follower,they will not function correctly, if you do have the RA follower and do not perform the other required mods, they will not function correctly. I do have some converted mags and they function flawlessly, but they are not worth the trouble,when .223 ak mags are available . These were a stop gap measure at a time when .223 mags were hard to come by. If anyone has any leads on any of the RA conversion followers, I am looking for a few.
  17. mikebaker1129

    Changed my FSB!

    I have been putting this off for sometime . I need to get a Nike Hat !
  18. I am looking for a couple of the 5.45 saiga 10 rd factory magazines. I hope they would be reasonably priced. Email works best. Thanks...Mike
  19. mikebaker1129

    my new vepr with new acessories

    Maybee we could purchase some additional stuff from you and make it come to be.
  20. mikebaker1129

    Work. . work. . .work . . .

    I have been working with a coworker. I have mentioned that he need to become a member here and load some pics of his rifle. I have drilled and tapped mine for the BG, I am just waiting for mine and his to show up from DZ. I am thinnking of switching gears and going with a bonesteel rail and folder.
  21. mikebaker1129

    Work. . work. . .work . . .

    Sounds like a helluva nice gesture on your part to me !
  22. mikebaker1129

    my new vepr with new acessories

    Will these rails include that crazy threaded screw to mount the Vepr handguard ?
  23. mikebaker1129

    223 mags?

    The 5.45 mags will work and feed all 30 rds if done properly. The magazine feedlips need to be modified for the .223 cartridge. This is a bit of work with a milling machine or a dremil if you have a steady hand. You would also need to add a Robinson Arms follower ,these cause the .223 round to sit higher in the 5.45 magazine to prevent nosedives into the chamber. These conversions were a option at a time when .223 AK mags were hard to get in this country back during the 94' ban and 5.45 mags were dirt cheap and everywhere. The conversions that alot of people are familiar with are thise done by Century for the SAR3 series. the machine work was done to the bodies and done well and the floorplates were engraved with .223 on them, but they DID NOT add the follower that raises the .223 round and these mags did not function very well. Most would function with only a few rounds loaded, like the magazine in the video. Today with the cost of 5.45 and .223 AK mags available at pretty much the same $, this is not a good option. The followers from RA are not available anymore. If anyone has any I am looking for a few to finish up what Century started on a few 5.45 mags that do not function. I need some RA followers to get these mags up and running. They do work ,but are not worth the hassle.
  24. mikebaker1129

    bullet guide FINALLY installed!

    I have tapped a few holes in my day, but I have had them break off before and they are a ***** to get out . I would say that I got lucky. I am going to help a friend drill and tap his next.He ordered his a couple days after I did. Are most of the taps breaking in the 7.62X39 models ?
  25. mikebaker1129

    bullet guide FINALLY installed!

    I have been waiting on my BG to come in from Dinzag,and hearing that they were the same as the Saigas, I removed my Saiga BG and tapped my vepr for the BG and it was not too bad. It was not as easy as a Saiga, but it was not eo difficult.