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  1. The first time i saw a saiga-12 was way back in 2000-2001ish. Kinda gets hazzey but CDNN investments were selling them super cheap. No one really knew what to make of them, at least i didnt. Couldn't find very much info about them back then. EAA Corp. was importing them and they almost couldnt be given away. Yep, $199 for the basic 12g and $229 for the adjustable rib and bolt hold open($179 for the .308s and $129 for the .223s). My father suggested i buy one, i just passed it up until i saw a picture of an un-neutered s-12 on world.guns.ru. didnt know they had the same internals and receiver dimentions as a regular AK, when i found out i was sold. I Bought all of my conversion parts from K-Var Corp. and all i had to do was was wait for the 94'AW ban to sunset. Converted it the night the ban sunset back in 2004:). Everyone who saw it after it was converted was like "Oh my God!"
  2. I also like the tapco. it will take a beating, its relatively inexpensive, lightweight and easy to fit. I did have to add a 1/2" pachmayr pad to make it more comfortable.
  3. Awesome, and congrats. its a good looking rifle. i have the saiga-bug too, and you're just making it worse. I cant wait to get my saiga-223 converted. enjoy your new rifle.
  4. LOLZ, I get VELETA Extra Virgin Olive Oil products. I know with the situation and all its scary, but its kinda funny too. Did our drums magically turn into olive oil?
  5. Looks like a good build, you know you got it from Tony, you know you dont have to worry. I really like the magpul stock. Have alot of fun with it.
  6. I couldn't help myself...
  7. Could at least chop it back to the gas bock, or put some rails on it or something. lolz
  8. This is my new/current build. I went thru the same problem when I was deciding what to do with this one. My two previous saiga-12s had Ace Skeleton side folders and I was getting a little tired of them. I wanted to keep this gun as light as possible but retain maximum functionality. I decided to go with a tapco telescoping stock. I had put one on a friends .308 and I decided I liked it. Suprisingly enough its quite durable. After the initail build I found the recoil a little too stiff for my taste and decided to put a 1/2" pad on the butt and port the barrel. IMO its really whatever gets the job done. I too used to think AR stocks looked goofy on AK type weapons but its definantly grown on me. Try the socom stock, if you don't like it, you can always change it later.
  9. thunder 5 rocks!!! http://www.thunder5.com/docs1.html i always wanted one; i think they look cool, cooler than the taurus. But like ClickClick said any standard caliber pistol and conventional ammunition can achieve the same thing sigh. You can see a thunder 5 in action in the movie "Black Dog" long before the taurus came about.
  10. That looks an awful lot like the one i sold him not too long ago... http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=14641
  11. Ah ha ha ha ha!!! ROFL!!! I think thats so silly, i'm gonna stick with my agp 10rndrs too. Its like "I think ill have a magazine tube below my magazine tube, so i can reload my magazine tube." Someone just needs to make a "detachable" tube magazine system. lolz
  12. I fired a DMPS .308 at 50 yards and consistantly made one-hole groups, i would estimate 3/8" easy. also fired a armalite ar-10t in .308 and made sub 1" groups at 50 yards. Both functioned well and were very accurate and also very pleasant to shoot. I'd go with a DMPS just because of the price. http://www.dpmsinc.com/firearms/308/base.aspx also note that dpms rifles use modified FAL mags and Armalite uses modified M1A/M14 mags
  13. Lagomorph

    Saiga-12 vs 870

    the first gun i ever owned was a 870, and it's been with me for almost 10 years, and i still have it. I have thousands of rounds thru it and it still runs like a champ. I just got finished rebuilding it with this conversion and i am still waiting for a surefire 918fa foregrip to finish it off. I've had my s12 for about 5 years and its still running strong. I would have to say i prefer the s12 over the 870 for 4 main reasons, it handles like a rifle, its more compact, semi-auto, and has, detachable magazines. but i do like the 870 because you dont have to spend retarded amounts of money on magazines. oh, and i dont use my 870 for duck hunting
  14. i'll bite. Equipment shown: Blackhawk: urban assault vest, special operations universal holster, BlackHawk Multi-Purpose Mag/Utility Pch, 2" web belt. SL8-1 full modification Saiga-12 fully custom SVI Infinity .45 auto custom Thermold 30 rnd x5 Colt 30 rnd x4 HK G-36 Mags x3 Beta Co. G-36 100 rnd w/ pouch Izhmash S-12 5 rnd x5; 8 rnd x1 AGP Arms S-12 10 rnd x3 Cobra Colimator Optic Lan Cay M9 Bayonet First Aid Kit Not shown Blackhawk Enhanced Omega M-16/Pistol Mag drop leg, hellstorm S.O.L.A.Gloves Camelbak 32 oz. hydration system (back of vest) Mag. Research dual pistol mag pouchs x2 (back of vest) i like them cause they hold 2 single stack .45 mags in each pouch TBA M40-A1 300 win mag w/ leopold mk IV (nothing like drillin targets at 1000 yards) I can fit almost all the magazines on the vest and drop legs, its alot to carry and it weighs about 70 pounds, but you have to remember "the more you shoot the lighter you get." Superiority through firepower My wife thinks i have expensive tastes and that i'm a little paranoid, but who is she to judge? Any questions?
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