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  1. nah i just like the duracoat tactical desert beige.
  2. i finally grew some balls and converted my 762. i was worried at first but i dont think it could be any easier. here it is pre conversion and now... the trigger feels amazingly smooth compared the the stock one. i still have more to do, but this is it for the basics.
  3. but wouldnt i have to tap the hole?
  4. is it possible to replace the ak follower with a saiga one and it feed correctly. im not looking forward to installing a bullet guide if i dont have to.
  5. Yup. My Saiga is one of the old ones and doesn't have the BHO lever or accompanying hole. The handguard is also not held on by a screw, the part that goes into the receiver has a pointed tip with a spring sticking out of it to keep pressure on it. It's held in place by the forward pressure from the spring which mechanically locks it in place once you insert the gas tube (you have to pull back on the handguard to remove the gas tube). Strangely enough the receiver does have the hole for the screw that holds the newer handguards in place, but the handguard has no corresponding hole. My
  6. yea idk, it doesnt look like there is even a spot for it
  7. i know about that, i mean left over parts from dissassembly. and btw, my 762 doesnt have the BHO, is that commen?
  8. so after dissassembly all i should have are 2 pins correct. is anything extra needed for the fcg?
  9. how could this have been done, every AR grip adaptor says you cant have the beavertail on a grip. the psg 1 style grips i see all have the beavertail so how could this have been done?....
  10. The rails and bipod look good. One thing tho - when you have your mags stacked like that with one pointing down, you could be in a world of hurt if you have to hit the dirt. I know an AK will still feed and fire with an entire desert in it, but I like to keep mud and dirt out of my mags. You can still stack them for quick changes; just cut a couple of squares of cardboard (wood, metal, ...) to put between the mags so the spacing is right, then tape them together with the lips up on both of them. It's also faster to change mags when you don't have to flip it over. </thread-hijack>
  11. minus my bi pod the weight doesnt bother me at all. i just have to see what the difference will be once i convert it.
  12. i used duracoats tactical desert beige durabake paint. just paint it and stick it in the oven for 10 minutes at 300 degrees and let it cool, works great.
  13. if anyone out there has an ar stock or pistol grip post pics please, considering getting both.
  14. how come all 762 magazines are banana shaped? i hate the curve on them. how come they arent made in a straighter magazine like the 308 or 223 mags? someone should make them straight.
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