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    My guns (Saiga 12, 1917 Eddystone 30.06, .22 Marlin bolt, 30/30 Marlin lever action, Norinco SKS 7.62x39, Montgomery Ward 12 gauge pump),collecting vintage stereo speakers and equipment, bowling, hiking, camping,swimming,spending time with my son,Boston Redsox, Dallas Cowboys, my Harley and Buell, country living, my 14 chickens,5 ducks, and 11 guinea hens,dog,4 cats,tarantula,tortoise,3 guinea pigs, amazon parrot, rabbit, hamster, etc. (LOL, I know).
  1. there is a thread above this by the moderator which has some good tips and contact info for AGP, I guess they have great customer service and will talk you through your problem......try reading that thread.....I read it because I just bought a couple, and haven't tried them out yet.....
  2. last time I shot my Saiga (a couple years ago), I took it apart,cleaned it, and put it back together......with the bolt locked open, is it normal for the gas piston to slide back and forth in there.....it doesn't do it as much when the bolt is closed......I have some mags coming to me soon (as my mag lost its clip lips), I hope.....and just want to make sure this is normal before I shoot it....thanks a ton. Dave
  3. Thank you to all......your the best!!!
  4. ProMag & AGP feed lips should fit on your Russian 5. I've worked with many CVA patients. Keep working at it. Strokes are like if half the roads in a city were bombed. At first traffic will be royally fucked up, but eventually the drivers will figure out how to get around again. In the majority of instances I've seen, the patients recovered the vast majority of if not all function. One fascinating incident was when one lady with Alzheimers had a CVA. At first it was bad, but as she recovered, she was more lucid than before the incident. Her delusions ceased completely. It was li
  5. thanks angrychair......much appreciated as well......all you guys were very helpful....when I get my new mags, I will be sure to keep my eye out
  6. Pauly.....sucks having to learn everything all over again......but it looks like I am missing the feed lips.....wonder how and when that happened.....hope I can get another, but I just ordered a US mag, but I still need this 5 rounder if I want to take it in the woods here in NY...
  7. I should be able to order that part, right? thanks a ton angrychair!!
  8. yeah.....looks like I am missing that metal piece.......do they fall off easily? I never dropped it, don't know how it would go missing......weird....
  9. can anyone take a pic of the clip as it should look (ya know, what actually keeps the shells in), I never remember seeing any metal on the magazine itself.......maybe something did fall off.......hmmmmm.....
  10. yes, they are 12 gauge shells......LOL
  11. what happens, when I push the shells in, they fly out.....there is nothing keeping them in the magazine......something must have broke off the magazine lip or something.......no clue.....I had a stroke a year and a half ago, and I am just now picking my gun up again......
  12. Has anyone else had a problem with the stock clips failing? I threw 5 rounds out of my saiga and now I can't get the shells to stay in the clip......I just ordered a couple USA made clips, but just wondering if anyone else had the same problem...... Dave
  13. Amen to that, the next best thing is vintage stereo stuff....LOL......I am in the doghouse for that too....but that is a whole other forum. I must say though, I have a surplus in both areas (money wise) , so why complain. I invested a quarter of the value in both areas, she loves the sound of my house system, so maybe I just need her to shoot some guns and get her to appreciate them as well. eh?? eh?? LOL.
  14. Here I go again, I just bought a case of 7.62 ammo tonight for 190.00 for my Norinco and a few boxes of ammo for my Saiga 12, they are sitting in my truck waiting for the wife to go to bed.......no shit eatin grin tonight, just waiting.....LOL. I learned my lesson quite well. Can't wait to get my father's 1917 30-06 Eddystone tomorrow, she can't say anything about that, it is free and it comes with a gun cabinet for all my other babies....LOL. By the way, the ATF was at my local gunstore poking around to see what is going faster, guns, or ammo. They are trying to get an idea if we customer
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