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  1. I've ended up waiting too long and paid more many times. Ninety percent of what I paid more for, would cost me much more if I were to buy it now. The only thing I've gotten hurt on were some magazines purchased during the ban. I say enjoy your V12, you can always get more money
  2. I've got a Vepr K in 7.62x39, and an Arsenal SGL 31-94 (5.45x39). In either caliber I'd choose the Vepr. I have never and will likely never own a 5.56 Kalashnikov. I do have two 5.56 Galils, which is the way to go for an AK type 5.56. I'd say Valmet also, though magazine availability is a major issue with them. Given the caliber concern, I say Arsenal.
  3. I had one... It would not work in any way, shape, or form. I'm guessing it's just for looks, that's all it's good for anyway.
  4. I like soft cases like the Voodoo Tactical and I also have a Tac Force double long gun case that works well. The only long guns I usually transport in hard cases are scoped rifles. That said, a Pelican or similar with the foam cut out for Saiga and accessories could be cool. Hard cases just take up so much room, and are heavy.
  5. The Aimpoit Micro will co witness with an A.R.M.S. #31.
  6. I bought a bunch of those plastic boxes, and I'm done. The rubber gaskets don't hold up, neither does plastic in the cold. I've broken the plastic part of the latch on two in the cold, just from opening/ closing. It doesn't take long to fill up a .50 can with 12GA. I prefer the 20mm and 40mm ammo cans for 12GA. The shipping can be pricey, but so can a whole bunch of .50 cans. If your ammo is going in the safe; you either have an enormous safe, or very little ammo.
  7. In my opinion; the way we prevent more gun control legislation is to educate the people. We need to let them know what they can legally own if they wish. More people involved in (lawful) shooting of any kind increases our voting numbers. Some people treat the gun control issue with a "it don't affect me" attitude. This can change by getting them involved. The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed. ----Alexander Hamilton As for the show, I like it so far and will continue to tune in. Keep up the good work Will.
  8. That's a beautiful PSL! I have just a plain one, but I still like it. They really are in need of a magazine with more than ten rounds.
  9. Robinson Armament Vepr K in 7.62x29.
  10. I wanted two of each, then the drums went from several hundred to under a hundred so I ended up with three drums. I'd get another Russian 8.
  11. Jager


    I keep hearing about problems with steel cased ammunition, it is not my experience. I've stated before; I've shot tens of thousands of rounds of steel cased ammo through my Glocks, Springfield 1911, SigSaur P-230, Uzis, AKs, ARs, FAL, etc. I personally have seen no ill effects from doing so. Copper washed, lacquer, polymer, makes no difference.
  12. I've got a Trijicon RMR LED on a Glock, Burris FastFire II on a Saiga 12, and EoTech 512 and 552 on ARs. No problems from any of them yet.
  13. If I see one anywhere, I'll let you know. Merry Christmas to you.
  14. I know this is not exactly what you are looking for but, I thought I'd offer just in case. This is a black polymer take off from a Bulgarian SLR-95 milled. It is in excellent condition, the factory sling attachment is on the left side. This is a stock photo, though it appears identical. Let me know if this will help, thanks.
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