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  1. Thanks guys...great help. Three Questions. 1. So some scum that I might see near the end of the barrel is that preserver stuff that should come right out? 2. Also, some pros and cons between the 16" and 20" barrels..The 16" is the original AK length, right? I'm assuming the 20" is a heavier barrel and more accurate. 3. Will it be obvious if the reciever is dimpled? I'm not sure what to look for here? just a small recess above the magazine well? thanks again
  2. Thanks for the help, but I don't know what all that means. I understand the part about standing the rifle on its butt and look down the barrel, but not the others. Also, does it have a warranty
  3. Is this the only reputable brand of 10/30's for saiga x39? what else is good, and what's the average cost? -newbie
  4. I'm familiar with shotguns and handguns, but not rifles. I found one at a local shop for $365...what are the things I should look out for on the rifle? I've seen it, haven't held it, but the end of the barrel had some stuff on it (discolorification or some gunk). It was NIB. I always field strip my pistols before I buy them...I look to make sure everything is clean and infact NIB. Is it recommended to do the same or just buy it? thanks
  5. In CA we have to pay tax, dros, and a possible $5 handling fee (depending on the dealer). It covers a 10 day waiting period where the FBI does a background check....bla bla bla
  6. I'm not sure why firearms are more costly in CA, but they are. My USP .45F with night sights ran me $850 OTD, and the was ON SALE. Most places charge $800+ without night sights and that's not including tax or dros. Anyhow, thanks for the info. Also, I don't think I can do any conversions that include pistol grips unless I get a BB, and I definately want a detachable mag. If SHTF, all looks aside, I want to able to swap out mags quickly (esp. since I get only 10 rounds). The reason Saiga seems to be in a purported gray area with some stores in CA is because of some importing issues. A
  7. Hey everyone, I was directed over here from Calguns.net to ask some questions I had regarding Saigas. I recently found a Saiga at a local shop (x39), and was interested in buying it. But first I must ask... 1. Is the dimpled reciever a must in the Saiga community? I know it looks more authentic, but what are the considrations to address? 2. The clerk said it's an 8 round mag...I thought the .308 are 8 rounders and the x39's are 10 rounds. Is he just wrong? 3. Are all Saiga x39's imported by RAA the same? I have heard somethings about stamped recievers and what not. What should
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