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    Buying weapons that a lot of people say I can't buy, like the SPAS12, SAIGA12C
  1. Been shooting skeet at my local trap/skeet range with my S-17 equipped with a Eotech 512, and a polychoke. Had a bunch of weird looks and what the hell is that thing comments when I first started, but ever since I've been averaging 22/25 and 24/25 being my best, its gratifying to be able to give those guys a run for their money. Now when a newbie shows up and wants to shoot, they always ask "are you going to shoot with that," and I get support from my fellow shooters telling them to watch out and take good hearing protection. Goes to show its not the length of your barrel, its how you use i
  2. What kinda shit is that. you need to find a different range. Very curious how the XP3s accuracy are. How long is the barrel?
  3. Duke, dig the Chucks man. Kross I have the same set up you have minus your hand guard. I guess I'll have to pick one up from you. That shit looks bad ass. :super:
  4. Thank you very much Westforth Sports. 100% satisfied with this seller. Quick response and fast delivery. I wish I had more money to buy more 8 rounders from you. If you ever come by some more let me know I'll try my hardest to buy. :super:
  5. I've fired 3 Md Arms drums through my S-17 8 inch and can literally count on one hand the fte I've had. Usually cheap Wal-Mart shit, but 00 buck and slug cycle great. Dude I would wait till the list opens up so Tromix can do a conversion for you. You won't be disappointed, I sure as shit am not. As soon as they open up I'm going for another S-17. :super:
  6. At 25 yards you want a a tighter pattern with your shotgun. Having stray pellets flying down range is really not that good. Just my 2 cents
  7. Great business to buy from. Real professional and prompt shipping. Thanks CSS, I look forward to doing more business with yall in the future. :super:
  8. Received both my mags today. Thanks man, I hand cycled them, flawless. Tomorrow I'll live fire test. Thanks a whole lot for the mags and fast shipping.
  9. Same here Juggs, I'm a lefty also. Wear some safety glasses.
  10. I guess it was around 2002, I was stationed in Ft. Hood and was still a newly wed and the wife let me purchase a Law 12 and while doing so came across the Saiga12 and thought what the fuck is this. A 12 gauge AK, hmm. That's when I went home and started researching. I found the Izshmash website and saw the Saiga12K and 12C. I printed both of them out and went back to the gun store where I bought the Law 12 and asked if these were being imported as well and sadly I was denied because of the AWB. So I left it alone and purchased a 870 Police, and a SPAS 12. In 2004 when I returned home fro
  11. Bad ass a new old business man. Dude how do you notice roots in that kind of picture. You probably know what color her eyes are to. Just fucking with you.
  12. That's nice ammo but as you found out (and as Twinsen said) it's too long for the drum. I have some of the same stuff and it cycles fine through the stick mags. Anybody know if the Olin Military 00 buck is standard size 2.75" and "drum-able"? EDIT: Estate slugs are cheap and run fine in the drum. Yes it is and it cycles great.
  13. Hey man be careful and fill us in when your done testing.
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