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  1. I check in now and then ….. but I'm getting really old
  2. At least at Subway, you can point at the food and tell them what you do and don't want.
  3. It's sad that King County and Seattle has so much pull.... It makes the rest of the state look like we need safety pins ....
  4. Chile ..... you need to open a chain of restaurants ....
  5. Very sorry to hear this news. Prayers for you and her family ...
  6. read_the_wall

    A first for me.

    slowdown probably caused by high school Trump protesters ........ I hate driving through Seattle
  7. Dude .......... you rock .....
  8. read_the_wall

    Michigan Goose Hunting

    I will use my Saiga up close on Snow Geese,,, but never on Canada's , but that's just my opinion ​Benelli Nova 28 " barrel Mod. Choke 3.5 " B.B.'s 1625 fps works well for me
  9. I won't watch CNN (Clinton New Network)
  10. read_the_wall

    Robot Bombs?

    I am concerned with the intensive militarization of the police forces in the U.S. What is next ? LAW 80's ?? SSM 's ??? RPG's ???? VX ???? ​ At what point do we just use the Army to write tickets and chase car thieves ? Oh boy , they got the bad guy ......... Do I want local P.D. having bombs when they are told to confiscate the evil black guns from me ....... ???? ​On the flip side, if the guy in the car that was shot to death would have been blown up, there would ​be no video for the protesters
  11. Well just move things along and start going door to door and let's see what happens
  12. read_the_wall

    house to vote for tyranny

  13. read_the_wall

    Another one?

    Just another day in tin foil city ​nothing to see here,,,,move along,,,,,
  14. Does 12 dz snow goose decoys count as gun related ??? ​If not, then 1000 rds subsonic 9mm also.... ​My wife hates me...